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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A collection of the most frequently asked questions from conference treasurers.

FAQs on Bookkeeping 
1. Why doesn't the monthly bookkeeping balance reported by CAMS (or TRS) align with our conference bank balance?

FAQs for CAMS  (these also apply to PCAMS)
What should I do when I get a warning about "protected" cells
2. What should I do if I get a warning about macros? 
3. What if I can't type anything into a cell? 
4  What if income tax receipt printouts are missing chunks of information? 
5. Will CAMS run on my new computer?

FAQs for
1. How often should the TRS frontend database be updated?  

FAQs for VIS, AFS, BankRec
Currently there are no FAQs for these systems.