News Affecting SVP Tools                       

26 October 2020:   TRS removed from support

With the introduction of .gift card asset accounting introduced for 2019 bookkeeping, TRS is no longer supported and is not offered for download from SVPtools.
Conferences using TRS can contact Toronto Central Council and consider using the Excel-based CAMS system for bookkeeping.
7 July 2020:   CAMS support for gift card asset accounting

CAMS verion 12. has been introduced to meet bookkeeping requirements for gift cards and other items with a monetary value attached, as specified by National Councill and Toronto Central Council. beginning with the 2019 bookkeeping year.
31 March 2018:   Tax Receipt revision

CAMS verion 11.04.16 and TRS version 3.06.07 incorporate changes to the tax receipt format required by CRA as set out in the bulletin below.

Tresurers using CAMS and TRS must upgrade to these minimum release levels before issuing tax receipts after March 2019.

Autumn 2015:   Release of Office 2016

Office 2016 for OS X was released on 9 July 2015 and Office 2016 for Windows was released on 22 September 2015.  While it is expected that CAMS, PCAMS, and BankRec spreadsheet systems are compatible with Excel 2016, and that TRS and VIS databases are compatible with Access 2016, no verification has occurred as yet.  If you encounter issues with Office 2016 contact the system administrator  
February 2013:  Release of Office 2013

Office 2013 for Windows computers, released February 2013, has some implictions for current SVP Tools users:
  • TRS and VIS users: Access 2013 cannot open  Access 97 format databases. In some conferences currently using TRS or VIS, the backend database may be in Access 97 format so that at open time the system will.fail with Error 3041 "Cannot Open a database created with a previous version of your application". The correction is fairly simple (open the backend database with Access 2010 or earlier and convert the database to Access 2000, or, 2002-2003 format).  If you encounter this issue contact the system administrator   (Note that TRS and VIS frontend databases are in Access 2000 format and willl not have this issue).
  • CAMS users: Excel 2013 handles worksheet protection differently from earlier Excel versions. If you use Excel 2013 to open a CAMS spreadsheet earlier than CAMS ver 10.00 (released 8 Sep 2013) you will encounter Error 1004 "The Password you supplied is not correct".  The error refers to the passwords used to lock each worksheet, not the password used to open the CAMS spreadsheet itself.  If you encounter this issue contact the system administrator 
 For new users of SVP Tools when you download the latest version of CAMS, TRS or VIS it should be fine with any version of Office since Office 2000, including Office 2013.

January 2013:  Changes to Annual Financial Report

As required by the National Council and Toronto Central Council, the Income statement requires line items for expenditures related to Vincentian Education, Travel, and Vouchers Paid to Particular Council. In addition, the Fair Market Value of tax receipted Gifts-In-Kind must be reported as Revenue and Expenditure line items.  

The releases which support this enhancement are:
            System                         Version             Released
            - - - - - - - -                 - - - - - - - -      - - - - - - - - - -

            CAMS                        Ver 9.00.00       January 2013  for 2013 bookkeeping
            PCAMS                      Ver 7.00.00      
January 2013  for 2013 bookkeeping
            TRS                             Ver 3.00.00      October 2013 for bookkeeping starting January 2014

September 2012:  Changes to the Society's name

In conformance with the the society's name as used by the National Council, Ontario Council, and recent changes by Toronto Central Council, CAMS and TRS system printed outputs will spell out "Saint" in full, rather than the abbreviated "St." as has been used in the past. This will affect the annual financial statement and income tax receipts, which will now show "Society of Saint Vincent de Paul".  

Tools releases which support this enhancement are:
            TRS                            Ver 2.18.00
            CAMS                        Ver 8.03.00 
            PCAMS                      Ver 6.03.00

October 2009:  SVP Client DB no longer available

The St. Vincent de Paul Client Database program is no longer available for download from Yahoo's geocities.com web hosting service.

As of  October 26, 2009, Yahoo no longer provides free web hosting from www.geocities.com and consequently the download for SVP Client Information Systems is not currently available.  Alternate hosting arrangements for this system are unknown at this time.

(The VIS system, which provides similar functinonalith, remains available from the SVPTools site  click here )