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There are two systems available to conferences to assist with tracking client assistance activities:  
Visits Information System (VIS)      (for Windows PCs, using Microsoft Access)    AccessIcon.jpg             download page  
   VIS is designed to support the management of conference assistance activity data .
          • Household profile - family members, ages, schools, occupations
          • Visit tracking and financial summaries for food, clothing and other assistance categories
          • Assistance activity reporting - Monthly and Annual SVP Conference Report 
          • Assistance trend statistics
          • Christmas assistance planning and reporting
  The system was developed at St Edward parish (Toronto) and has been in operation since 1998.    

Client Information System               (for Windows PCs)                                                         download page  
The St. Vincent de Paul Client Database program is designed to assist St. Vincent de Paul conferences in maintaining their client records, and extracting information from them.

The system was developed at St Boniface parish (Toronto).

The system was implemented in C++  in an IBM Visual Age development environment VisualAge_Logo3.jpgand can run on most Windows PCs with no dependency on Microsoft Office or other office software packages.