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  Treasurer's Reporting System (TRS)    . . a Microsoft Access AccessIcon.jpg database application 
TRS backend database download
For new system users
you need to download the Backend conference database (used by the TRS frontend database to store all your conference information such as donor names and addresses, donations, conference expenditures etc.   . . .  the frontend database you previously downloaded contains database objects such as forms, reports, queries etc. but no conference data)

Note: close any open Access databases before downloading ...
 To download (blank) TRS Backend conference database  (SVPtrsdat.mdb)                click here   leftRedArrow.JPG

(note: the Backend database download is for first time users only
  ... current users who have active conference data should not download the Conference database again )

  ... Unsure how to Download and Install? click here   
... about "Enabling Macros", click here  
  ... more about frontend/backend databases and the conceptual design, click here