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Treasurer's Tools    Overview, Features and Limitations

Systems based on Microsoft Excel   ExcelIcon.jpg   (Windows & Mac)  
   • CAMS       accounting system for Conference Treasurers                =>
   • PCAMS    accounting system for Particular Council Treasurers      =>
   • BankRec  bank reconciliation worksheet                                         =>                 

  CAMS download  
  PCAMS download  
  BankRec download  
   CAMS Overview
   PCAMS Overview  

Systems based on Microsoft Access AccessIcon.jpg   (Windows only)  
   • TRS           accounting system for Conference Treasurers              =>

  TRS download     

    TRS Overview  

Tutorials for treasurers
       •  various presentations adapted from SVPtools user seminars      => 



All systems are based on the Treasurer's Duties guideline issued by Toronto Central Council.            
All Treasuers Tools require Microsoft Office (Excel, or, Access) . . . more on Microsoft Office