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SVP Tools Support                                                                                                                                                                         
If you are using:       
   • TRS
or for Treasurer Tutorial material
    ... you can send:
            •  questions  
            •  requests for new release notification 
            •  password requests  
            •  suggestions  
            •  comments
. . . by email to:
Frank Leaver  (svptools@ssvptoronto.ca)   WebMasterFJL.jpg  

For current users, please indicate which version of CAMS, TRS or VIS is installed on your computer. 

(The current version is displayed on the Main Menu in the version message block,  CAMS example at right)

For problem reports,  please provide problem description, wording of error messages, screen snaps etc 

MacApplle_logo.jpg For Mac users:
    CAMS can run on MacIntosh computers which have Excel 2011 or Excel 2016
    TRS and VIS cannot run on Mac since Access is not available for Office for Mac

    note: the SVPtools website is hosted at http://www3.sympatico.ca/leaver_/SVP_download_main.html
                  but may redirect to other hosting servers such as Google Drive  due to capacity limits on the original web site             

svp_ClientDB.ico     For users of St Vincent de Paul Client Information System, support is provided by the author
    . . . note that email contact via the Yahoo geocities free web hosting site is no longer available (as of October 2009)..