Sheila Mason, Ph.D..                                                In West Australia


Department of Philosophy

Concordia University

Montreal, QC, H3G 1M8
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               Degrees obtained


Ph.D., 1972 Purdue University

MA 1968 Purdue University

BA 1965 McGill University



1. With Dr. M. Gowing, John Molson School of Business. "Moral Imagination: Managing the Business of Health Care", to be submitted to J. Bus. Ethics.


2. 2003   Chapter in book:   "Narrative et citoyenneté" in A. Duhamel et F.Jutras , dir, Enseigner et Eduquer ˆ la Citoyenneté , Les Presses Universitaires Laval.


3. 2003   with   Dr. D. Pushkar,    Concordia University: "Happiness, Values and the Experience of Aging: A Study of the Life Reflections of Elderly People". Journal of Adult Development Vol 10, October.


4. 2000  Chapter in book:   "Les Rapports entre le bien Commun et l'intérêt privé dans l'Etat-providence", dans Guy Giroux, dir., L'Etat, la Société Civile et l'Economie: Turbulences et Transformations, Les Presses Universitaires Laval, 215-248.


5. 1999   "Beyond Flow: A Feminist Ethics of Leisure"   Leisure Studies , 18, 233-248.


6. 1997    "The Self and the Ethics of Care" in Ulrich Neisser and Robyn Fivush, Eds., The Conceptual Self in Context, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. pp. 233-248.  


7.1997   "L'Intelligence Morale", Actes du Colloque: "De l'Ethique aux éthiques", Ethica , Vol 9, no 2,   211-224.         


8. 1993  "Moral Talk" in Debra Shogan, ed., A Reader in Feminist Ethics , Toronto: Canadian Scholars' Press, 29-38.

9. 1993 "Inclusive Philosophy: Feminist Strategies for the Recovery of Persons" in Debra Shogan, ed., A Reader in Feminist Ethics,
Toronto: Canadian Scholars' Press. 

10. 1987  Sheila (Mason) Mullett, "Only Connect: The Place of Self-Knowledge in Ethics", in Marsha Hanen & Kai Nielsen, eds., Science, Morality and Feminist Theory
, Calgary: University of Calgary Press, 309-338

                 Current application for SSHRC Grant: Title

Environmental ethics and leadership: finding the links between theory and practice in the narratives of newly 'converted' environmentally committed people through grounded theory analysis


                 Contact information

Sheila Mason, Ph.D.,

361 Melville, Westmount, QC, Canada, H3Z 2J7

tel: 514 938 5450

fax: 848 4590



Please scroll down the list below to find the following papers :

  1. The role of epiphanies in moral reflection
  2. Citizen, practical reason and narrative ethics
  3. Finding the balance:non-fiction stories of people committed to environmental sustainability
  4. Quality-adjusted life-year: a threat to humanistic thinking?