Personal Therapeutic History - an Overview

My name is Bob Holmes. I am the director of the Regression Therapy Centre of Ontario and the author of this website.

My personal journey of growth and healing has brought me to a place of helping others on their own similar paths, and it is for this reason the RTCO was established.

Several therapeutic modalities can be utilized, including Current and Past Life Regression Therapy, Spirit Release Process, Soul Fragment Recovery and Primal / Deep Feeling Process.

I have combined these particular modalities in my client work because I have had a great deal of personal experience with them over the years, and have found them to be powerfully and profoundly effective. They are not coping mechanisms or bandaid solutions; instead, they are healing modalities almost anyone can learn to use to get to the root cause of -- and resolve -- the disharmonies in one's life.

For those of you who are seeking a way out of the darkness of inner fear, a way to heal a damaged self, a way to bring a flow of inner joy and peace back into your lives -- a way to become authentically you -- perhaps the help I offer through the RTCO is what you are looking for.

There is a catch, however. The catch is -- you have to do the work yourself. Nobody can do it for you. You must have the desire, willingness and determination to change. This is absolutely the most important part of your job as the client -- do not underestimate it! No matter what the problems are, or how your symptoms express themselves, the fact is, you have the problems. They are yours right now, and accepting that fact is the first step to healing.

Because they are yours, only you can change them. You have the power to do so. (If you have given away that power to someone else, part of your process will be to reclaim that power.) And it will take courage -- courage to make contact deep down inside yourself and begin to allow up, bit by bit, all the pain you've had hidden away for most of your life, or longer. Once you commit to making the changes you know you need to make, and take the risk to feel and express your buried feelings, you are on the road to healing your life.

My role as a facilitator is to help you get your process "up and running". After a while -- with some it is many months, with some others, only days -- you will have experienced the release of blocked emotional feelings to such an extent that you will be able to do much, if not most, of your work on your own. At this point you might only wish to use my help occasionally. Everyone's path of healing is unique, however, so ultimately how you walk that path is up to you.

My Personal Therapeutic History - an Overview

Dissatisfied with the way I felt about myself and my lack of direction in life, in January of 1975, at the age of twenty-four, I began a process of self-discovery and self-actualization which has continued to this very day.

I entered primal therapy, learning to feel and release the stored emotional residues of long-buried and unresolved inner conflicts.

It was not easy for me, as I was an extreme "mental head", blocked from the neck down! I began with three weeks of intensive therapy, followed by about eight months of weekly group therapy.

I then worked with another group that met every three or four weeks for weekend group intensives, until the autumn of 1976. By this time, I felt that I had cleared every major unresolved issue of my life, all the way back to birth and in-utero existence. There was some feeling of "loose ends" that maybe needed tying up, but I felt quite capable of clearing up these minor issues whenever they might arise.

I continued working therapeutically on my own whenever necessary for quite a few years, all the while sensing that there existed a vague undercurrent of feeling that seemingly had no origin in my birth or early childhood. But it was not until after I had learned how to meditate, in the late eighties, that I began to experience the spontaneous recall of "past life" events.

After some time, I became aware that any unresolved trauma from these other lifetimes could be processed in exactly the same way as my early "this life" experiences had been processed though primal therapy, that is -- explore the feeling...feel it move toward expression...surrender to its movement...and express it exactly until the feeling is gone!

When a painful feeling has been cleared in this manner, there is often an enormous sense of relief afterwards. The resulting benefits over time of this kind of "primal, past-life regression therapy" for me have been astounding , not the least of which have been the unloading of an enormous amount of fear, resolution of deep-seated guilt and the recovery of the normal ability to remember people's names. Of course, there's lots more to tell, but I could easily run out of web space! In the meantime, I continue to work on myself as the opportunities arise.

My Experience Helping People

It seems as though I have always been a "safe" person in whom people, even total strangers, could confide their deepest secrets and feelings, but it was not until 1975 when I undertook to become a Funeral Director that I actually used this quality of mine as a career strength.

I was to cultivate this quality through the sensitive interactions with individuals and families at the time in their lives when they were at their greatest emotional vulnerability -- the death of a loved one. Yet even after I had left the funeral business as a full-time occupation and purchased Holmes Bookstore in 1986, I still approached people in a sensitive, caring way.

People would again be "drawn" to me, and I spent countless hours time and again counselling informally behind the front counter of the bookstore. However, it was frustrating for me to help a person get closely in touch with some important issue or emotion, only to see them squelch it as it rose to the surface because we were in a public place. And doubly frustrating for the person with the feelings!

Finally, in 1992, after experiencing a major release involving "past life" unresolved conflict, I realised that my path lay in helping people in a therapeutic context, where emotions could be given full vent in an appropriate private setting. I started working with a trusting friend, helping her to heal and grow, and my role as a facilitator of regression therapy has been growing ever since.

To date I have worked with many hundreds of clients in more than two thousand sessions. Many have come only once, out of curiosity about experiencing a regression to past lives. Quite a number have used my facilitation to deal with some specific problems in their lives. Several I help on a regular basis as a part of their on-going commitment to their own healing journey. Since I began this work, there have only been very few, I believe, who have left a session without gaining some real value.

In the Spring of 1998 , I began to facilitate the Intensive Weekends, where a small group of people would work through four or five sessions from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. For some, these weekends have had a very profound, positive effect.

They have been wonderfully growthward for me, as well. My intention is to make the Intensive Weekends available several times a year, and as cost-effective as possible. [See Workshops]

In the Fall of 1998 I began to facilitate a small group of my clients who are committed to their process of emotional healing. This group context is a wonderful way for a client to do personal work after he or she has assumed a large measure of responsibility for doing it.

It is also, for time spent, about a fourth of the cost of one-on-one private sessions. As the membership of the group has grown and changed, the format has been at times weekly or bi-weekly. Currently there are no regular groups happening, however, when there is enough interest I will consider forming one.

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