What People Say...

Vanda writes:

Dear Bob,

Since you were so genuinely encouraging about follow up by e-mail, I will share with you the extraordinary results of our session. But first the little completion I did while leaving my clients place, finally heading home close to 6PM.

If you recall, the turning point happened in my process after I had a private little goodbye ritual with that little boy.

I was yearning then to sing for him, but my body was way too exhausted, I simply could not do it. Well on my way home in the car I *rewound the tape* to that moment, when I was holding him and sang for him, tears rolling down on my face. It was the most beautiful closure.

Home at 6PM, I collapsed in bed and literally passed out. When I awakened late at night, the first thing I noticed was the sensation, that a strong, young, energetic male is lying on my right. And it was INSIDE my right side!! I was so astounded and elated, that I just lay there for a couple of hours, taking this all in!!

It took me another 36 hours to regain my strength, so I just loafed at home the next day and kept checking my right side! By now the energy equalized and for the first time in my life my 2 sides feel the same! And heaven knows, I tried for about a decade through yoga and visualization and will power and everything else to accomplish this, since I knew that my body is suffering serious consequences due to the lack of energy in that side.

I sent [name witheld] an e-mail report of the extraordinary outcome of my session with you, and she replied, that she is interested to speak with you about the possibility of a talk you could give at her home in November. She will call you.

I would like to come to the talk, since this is a subject I am very much interested in, and I will volunteer for whatever, to serve tea, hand out brochures, greet people, organize the food drive, etc.

I am very grateful for this leap in my integration. I could have not done it without your compassion, dedication and skill!

Many thanks and blessings!


BKM writes:

I can highly recommend Bob Holmes' Regression Therapy to help understand current life issues and find a way to work through those issues and then let go of them and move on.

I am speaking from first hand experience.

I went to see him in 1997 when my marriage was crumbling and I was unsure of the future and out of a life long curiosity of who I have been in the past (having had a strong belief in reincarnation since my late childhood).

In my sessions with Bob, confronted with a long ago life time every single session that dealt with issues I was facing at the time of my therapy, two issues emerged: Guilt of letting go of an unhealthy (in the past life also dangerous for me and my dependants) relationship with my husband in my current life, but who in that past life was a cousin and in a life before that an infant whom I for unknown reasons was forced to abandon (Hence my guilt and reluctance to let go). Interestingly enough my now ex-husband has his entire current life struggled with abandonment issues.

The second issue was to let go of the love of my life (or should I say lives!?) after my untimely death. That was a "biggie", because I was forced to leave my wife to an uncertain future with the man who killed me. I had to make this sacrifice in order to save many lives, but the guilt of doing so pursued me beyond my death. Bob took me through some guided imagery to release this attachment.

Although resisting this I finally managed to let go with the positive result that in my current life it is now much easier than before to let go of people and situations when needed. A couple of good examples are: I left my marriage in 1998 and struck out on my own and have never been happier and at the moment I am finding it much easier to give a man whom I am very much in love with the time and space to figure out whether there is a future for him and me.

Another interesting "side-effect' from my therapy was that I, who since I was very young had feared dying tremendously, discovered what a peace- and restful, recharging state death is. Bob had me experience the state following death and before reincarnating and it was, for lack of better words, just wonderful. It has not made me suicidal by any means, but my fear of death is gone. A big bonus.

Secondly, I also discovered as I became familiar with who I had been that in any time of need that I can draw upon the strengths of that personality too.

So as a means to grow spiritually and become more in tune with oneself and one's life lessons I highly recommend Bob Holmes' Regression Therapy!!!

Sincerely, BKM

Rita writes:

Hi Bob,

I just wanted to update you on some things in my life. Since I did the one day with you, I can't believe the greater sense of inner peace I feel.

Someone asked me the other day if it has helped me any with the [ex-husband] issue, etc. and when I did an internal assessment, I can now honestly say that yes, I have come a long way on forgiving him.

I have let go of the bitterness hangover from the marriage, and all that garbage from it, but still have work to do on the anger from the lying associated with the court proceedings, etc. I find it extremely hard to be near him, because I can feel the waves of bitterness coming from him, even when he is here for just a few minutes to pick up the kids. That I know I have to work on.....[private portions deleted]..... Anyway, thanx for everything.

Love ya ~Rita

Phone call from Catherine, the day following a session:

Thank you, Bob.... it's Catherine Hunter calling you.... Thursday morning ....a day of enlightenment for me.... I feel so wonderful, thank you very much .... I've given your number to several people [...snip...] and I just wanted to say that I had a lot of other visions and stuff that I want to discuss with you in the future, and a lot of *great* dreams.... and truly, you know, I feel divinely touched at this point.... umm, thank you.... that's all.... it seems so insignificant to thank you....