RTCO Therapeutic Resources

Here is a list of a few books which I have found both interesting and helpful on the subjects of emotional release work and/or regression.

It is not an exhaustive list (there are hundreds!), just a sampling. Some are still in print as of this writing:

  • Emotional Clearing -- Ruskan
  • The Secret Life of the Unborn Child -- Verny
  • Life After Life -- Moody
  • Psychotherapy of the Deepest Self -- Vereshack
  • Life Between Life -- Whitton
  • Many Lives, Many Masters -- Weiss
  • The Primal Scream -- Janov
  • Through Time into Healing -- Weiss
  • You Have Been Here Before -- Fiore
  • Spirit Releasement Therapy --Baldwin
  • Regression Therapy: A Handbook for Professionals -- Lucas
  • Cure By Crying -- Stone
  • Emotional Fitness -- Berger
  • Facing the Wolf -- Alexander
  • Making Sense of Suffering -- Stettbacher

The books that are in print can likely be obtained through your local bookstore. To find out-of-print books I suggest used bookstores or try on-line at abebooks.com

In Paul Vereshack's case, his entire book is on-line. It is, however, much easier to read in book form.

Also, on John Ruskan's website is a piece he wrote entitled, "The Philosophy of Self Therapy", which is so relevant to this work that I suggest every client read it. If you can embrace what he is saying here, you will accelerate your growth and healing dramatically!

Links worth following for information or self-help: