Therapeutic Services

Several therapeutic modalities can be utilized, including Current and Past Life Regression Therapy, Spirit Release Process, Soul Fragment Recovery and Primal / Deep Feeling Process. Therapy is client-centered, so these modalities are, in fact, tools at hand for the clients' use in whatever way works best for them.

They are not coping mechanisms or bandaid solutions; instead, they are healing modalities almost anyone can learn to use to get to the root cause of -- and resolve -- the disharmonies in one's life.

For those of you who are seeking a way out of the darkness of inner fear, a way to heal a damaged self, a way to bring a flow of inner joy and peace back into your lives -- a way to become authentically you -- perhaps the help I offer through the RTCO is what you are looking for.

Individual Therapy

Much of the work I do is in one-on-one therapy.

This seems to be most beneficial for those who are just starting out on a personal journey of healing, or those who have a particular issue that they want to focus on and clear.

This seems to be most beneficial for those who are just starting out on a personal journey of healing, or those who have a particular issue that they want to focus on and clear. Cost is $90 [CDN] per full hour.

Quite a lot of work can be accomplished in an hour, and most people schedule one-hour appointments so they can budget their time. However, any amount of time of up to three hours can be booked, including "open-ended" sessions. Cost in the latter case would be the pro-rated value for time spent.

Group Therapy

For clients in process, who have taken a large measure of responsibility for getting to and being with their feelings and issues, the group environment is often the best way to work.

In group, clients work on their own issues with the occasional focussed assistance of myself.

In addition to my facilitation is the powerful effect of the energy of the group itself, and the uncanny ability of group members to be an unconscious trigger for the issues and feelings that the other group members are working on.

Intensive Workshops

Until further notice, intensive workshops will be "made to order". This means that if you wish to participate in a workshop, let me know. Then, when we have enough people we will create it. Currently I facilitate intensive workshops for up to six people.

Intensive workshops follow previous formats such as the example given at the end of these paragraphs. In addition to out-of-town weekend intensives, I can also structure a "bare bones" type of intensive workshop that could be held at the RTCO midweek or over a weekend. In this case no food or overnight accommodations would be provided (ideal for commuters), but rather we would go out together for meals and pay for our own. Such intensives can be structured for one to six people.

Not only is one's process usually accelerated, but having the support of and feedback from others who are doing similar work is invaluable. Currently there are no groups running, but when there are enough people who wish to do this type of work, we will create one.

New + upcoming workshops + intensive weekends... read more

Telephone Sessions

When working in person is impractical or impossible because of distance, time or expense, or is blocked through fear or other immobility, then working over the phone can be an attractive option to in-person therapy.

This avenue is not the optimal choice in all cases, but is often better than nothing if no therapy is the only alternative.

There are some instances in which telephone therapy is not safe enough for the client. In other situations there may be little, if any, difference between sessions in person and by telephone. Most of my international clients have been served in this fashion. As with in-person therapy, the cost is $90 per full hour.