Intensive Workshops

Currently, I facilitate workshops for up to six people.

Intensive workshops follow previous formats such as the example given at the end of these paragraphs. In addition to out-of-town weekend intensives, I can also structure a "bare bones" type of Intensive Workshop that could be held at the RTCO midweek or over a weekend.

In this case no food or overnight accommodations would be provided (ideal for commuters), but rather we would go out together for meals and pay for our own. Such intensives can be structured for one to six people.

Not only is one's process usually accelerated, but having the support of and feedback from others who are doing similar work is invaluable.

For the time being, the Intensive Weekends are "made to order". If you wish to participate, please get in touch with me. When we have enough people who wish to do this type of work, we will create a weekend group.


To be arranged when enough people are interested.


Northern Light Centre, near Singhampton, Ontario. This is a beautiful, remote countryside retreat with a high, clear energy field, nestled on 50 acres of field and forest.


This Intensive Weekend will be anchored by four regression sessions, which are slated for Friday evening, Saturday morning & afternoon, and Sunday morning. This allows for a well-deserved break Saturday evening.

  • Each session will run from one to three hours, depending on the size of the group and the particular issues you may be working on. We will start together, but finish individually, as needed.
  • Each therapy session offers you the opportunity to explore and process your issues, largely on your own initiative - while in the presence of the other participants who are working on their own issues - with the periodic and focused help of the facilitator. Oftentimes the energy of such a group context becomes a catalyst for personal support and inner healing.
  • There will be ample time between sessions to journal, read, discuss things with others, take time alone to process your work, etc. You may wish to go for a walk in the fields and woods, or along the country road.

What to bring

  • You will need to bring your own bedding (sleeping bags and pillows are easiest), personal items (toothbrushes, teddy bears, etc.) and clothing suitable for the time of year.
  • I will supply all the food and someone to make the meals for us. We'll share in cleaning up.
  • Do not bring either alcohol or illegal drugs. For those who have not quit smoking by then, there is the "great outdoors".


The cost for the entire weekend, including meals, is $400 (Canadian funds). A non-refundable deposit of $50 will hold a spot for you, with the balance due before the Intensive begins. "Early Bird" cost is $360 if payment is completed at least two weeks before the Intensive begins. Payment may be made by cash or cheque.

If you feel it is important for you to participate in this Intensive Weekend but you are in a financial bind, please talk to me about it and perhaps we can arrange something. Participation will be limited to six people; once the date is confirmed I suggest you firm up your commitment as soon as possible.