The Filmmakers

There are stories that sometimes find their ideal makers, and so it is for Lon Appleby and Lisa Logan, two ambitious directors from Toronto.

Besides sharing a love of sagas and fighting lore, Lon and Lisa have both been working professionally in the television and motion picture industries from a young age.

Lon’s first documentary, made when he was seventeen years old, received one of his country’s pre-eminent broadcast awards, and he would soon follow with another prize- winning documentary that was sold around the world.

He has been a producer of the highest rated documentary in the history of Canadian television and the program that would inspire an American prime-time series. His work has been honored with numerous national and international awards, including Canada’s most prestigious award for documentary achievement, and along the way he has helped to create a world television channel, been a partner in a thriving production company, written novels, and published widely as a journalist.

Still in her thirties, Lisa has been involved with many acclaimed feature films over the past fifteen years and at the same time has forged a career as a director and producer of documentaries that have premiered at film festivals and been seen frequently on telelvision.

She also comes from a family that knows the story of Jewish boxers well and has an intimate understanding of many of the themes and conflicts explored in the film.
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