Sur Theatre

Know your human rights. Be what you come here for.
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Sur Theatre has developed its own signature that merges the tango dance form with theatrical expression.

Why Tango?
For Lisandro Gomez, Sur's artistic director, tango has been inextricably linked with the forces of his country's history. From his father's accounts of dancing tango in the bordellos, to the revolution of Piazzolla's music, to the friends and family killed during the 1970's, tango is formed of impressions, memories, and history. In the 70's, Lisandro began to work in the theatre as a way to cope with the dictatorship. Upon coming to Canada, he felt compelled to use the aesthetic of tango as a representation of all of these impressions and memories. Tatiana has been with Sur Theatre since 2001. Long inspired by the inherent theatre of African and Kathakali Dance, Tatiana has sought to understand any movement including tango, as ultimately part of the ritual of storytelling. Art becomes a way to enter into one's personal sacred space. The sacred space is vulnerable. Creativity is a powerful energy that allows us to act and think independently of what has been established for us by any society or sub culture.

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