Sur Theatre

Sur Theatre was originally founded in 1993 by South American Professional Artists, who, struggling to transcend the barriers of mainstream theatre decided to create plays that were less dependent on language and more dependent or corporeal work.

Sur Theatre has performed at numerous events and venues including the Shaw Festival, the 21st International Dance Congress held in Athens, Odin Week in Denmark, and OMO Dance Company's 13th Annual Toronto Season 2008. Other performances have included a concert series with the Niagara Symphony, Nuit Blanche, the Toronto Street Festival, the Harry Jerome Awards, as well as presentations at the Harbour Front, The Actors' Lab, Damn Straight Studio, Theatre Center and in Argentina. Sur's first play about tango was funded and produced in 1995, "Tangueratas".

Sur also believes in using art to foster social responsibility. Sur has worked on reaching the local community, including holding performances and discussions at local high schools. Sur has also performed for Artists Against Guns, for Amnesty International, for the Lymphoma Leukemia Society, among others. In 2004, Sur Theatre was presented with an award in recognition of its contribution to the community by the Honourable Ken Dryden, on behalf of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Plays written and produced by Sur Theatre