Lisandro Gómez

Lisandro Gomez, born in Argentina, has been teaching tango since 1996. Growing up he heard many stories about tango from his father, a street dancer (milonguero). His father danced tango in the bordellos of Buenos Aires, as well as in the military and in the ballrooms. But the street or bordello dance was the tango he loved, and he felt it was truly the peoples’ dance. Whenever he had the chance, he would hide his military uniform, don his striped suit and dance in the bordellos, preferring its freedom and improvisation over the strict rules of the ballroom tango. When Lisandro began to learn tango he was immediately attracted to its free improvisational spirit, just as his father did. This spirit influences Lisandro's teaching which emphasizes that everyone can discover their own way of expressing themselves within the dance. At the same time, he believes in the importance of a strong foundation in technique.

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