Tatiana has been dancing tango since 1996. One aspect of tango that fascinated Tatiana was that it gives women the opportunity to express themselves vigorously and decisively. Though the woman follows, she is improvising and creating simultaneously and may back lead (lead the man). Tatiana has studied tango technique with many instructors, both here and in Argentina. Marta Anton and Luis Grondona are among her favourites as they specifically introduced her to Canyengue, an older, African influenced tango. Ruben Bustamante remains a long time teacher and inspiration. Tatiana has also been inspired by independent women dancers from other dance disciplines, notably Zelma Badu (African) and Maria Garcia (Gypsy flamenco) who encouraged her to explore movement as the basis for inner strength and independence. Ballet has helped develop core strength and grace, both vital aspects of all dance performance.

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