My NES Stuff


    Here's some of my NES activities. My son and I are working on some NES console games. Here's the archive file with everything so far. The code, namefile (compressed and uncompressed), music data, dmc data, chr file and compiled game are included. I used the NesAsmDos.exe compiler. This is a screen capture from Nintendulator. Here's a video clip.

I also made a small NESROM that allows you to test combinations of palette colours and sprite speeds on your TV. It shows some weird interactions of colours on the same scan line. If you want to put it into some EPROM's and try it out, here it it: Test.NES.

As you probably know making your own NES ROM is incredibly hard. After an amazing amount of effort we came up with this: PopTart.nes. I put my NES development career on hold until I get a new brain or an extra life.