Wannigan Field Equipment  
   For years canoeists, backpackers and workers in the field have struggled with the need for a rigid container for food, breakables, equipment and other items that just don't travel well in a traditional pack. Some have built Wannigans, or boxes with straps; others have bought industrial or pickle barrels in harnesses. All of these are uncomfortable to carry and often difficult to get into.
  The Wannigan Hardpak System is the answer to these problems. It is an ergonomically designed durable plastic backpack with a really comfortable cantilevered waistbelt that holds 45 litres (2750 cubic inches) of your fragile or moisture sensitive gear and food in a secure, lockable and animal resistant case. It is comfortable to carry over long portages, even with a canoe on top.  
    The Hardpak is designed to make backpacking, camping and canoe tripping easier and more convenient. Camping has changed- we now carry valuable and fragile stoves, water purifiers and electronics with us. Now the backpack has evolved to accomodate these changes.  
  The Hardpak is flexible.

What you can't put inside (or don't need to) you can fasten to the outside- the mounting hardware and washboard surface holds items securely, unlike the "danglies" of traditional packs. Tents and sleeping bags just line right up. Six straps complete with ladderlocks and snap fittings are provided
  The Hardpak is accessible.

Since the entire front panel hinges open, the contents of the Hardpak are all visible and accessible- no digging around required. Adjustable dividers keep everything in its place. This picture shows food, water purifier, pots and pans, stove and everything a group of four needs for a 3 day trip.
  The Hardpak is practical and easy to use

The lid folds out to provide a flat, level, washable working surface- with the optional leg set you have a complete camp kitchen. The leg set creates a tripod base that is stable on any kind of ground.
  The Hardpak is durable.

The case is vacuum formed from ABS, a tough and flexible plastic used for canoes and industrial barrels that is UV resistant and bounces right back when dented. The monocoque design of the shell provides rigidity and stiffness without much weight. All hardware and fittings are corrosion free nylon, delrin or stainless steel. Leg sets are made from high strength aluminum tubing.
  The Hardpak is adaptable.

Paddle holders, fishing rod holders, water and fuel bottle holders and wind deflectors are under development for summer sports, as are ski, avalanche pole and snowboard attachments for winter.
  The Hardpak is comfortable.

The suspension system is designed to transfer the bulk of the weight directly to the hips, through the cantilevered hip belt. The back is ergonomically contoured to the shape of your back, with a  network of ribs and channels for ventilation. The entire suspension system is held on by snaps and can be removed easily for transport or repair. A special indentation for your head lets you look up without interference.

The shoulder straps are adjustable for torso length via an easily accessible ladderlock at the bottom of the pack.
  The Hardpak is secure.

It cannot be slashed open, and can be fastened to immovable objects with a cable lock. Two heavy duty neoprene clasps hold the Hardpak securely shut and cannot pop open accidentally.
  The Hardpak is water resistant.

The overlapping rims of the shell and neoprene gasket resist water penetration. And it floats.
  The Hardpak is animal resistant.

The tight fitting shells resist rodents and other animals that can get into conventional packs. We do not claim that it is bear resistant, and recommend that in bear country it be treated like a conventional food pack.
  The Hardpak isn't just for camping.

Accessories and inserts are being developed for the emergency medical, computer, geotechnical, media and other markets.
  The Hardpak includes as standard features:

45 litre hinged ABS case
Detachable suspension system
6 adjustable tie-down straps
Minimum of 18 D-rings
2 interior adjustable shelves
  The Hardpak is patent pending in Canada and the United States.  
  The Hardpak is not available at this time.

We are currently attempting to determine if the demand is there to justify production. If you are interested in seeing this product become available let us know at