MedVents is an extension of the regular Scouts Canada Venturer program where the youth are encouraged and supported to consider a career in paramedicine and related fields by learning first aid skills, CPR survival skills and emergency procedures both urban and wilderness. They are invited to volunteer at Scouting and community events to provide first aid services. In early 2011 our youth indicated they were also interested in rescue techinques including high rope, pulley systems and other means of accessing/moving an injured person so it was decided to change our name to Rescue MedVents.


Where:   Calvary United Church
  290 Ridout St. S
  London, ON
  (Click here for Map)
When: 7:00pm - 9:00pm on alternate Mondays
Contact: Pat Baker (Program Advisor)
  Laura MacNeil (Training Advisor)
  Mike Guest (Training Advisor / Web Page)