May or may not agree with the material found on the following sites.

So, get your Bible out and read for yourself, Jesus said many times, "Let no one deceive you," - the ultimate decision is yours, to see if what you are being told, whether from the pulpit, or on somebody's site, is true or not and the only way you are going to know this, is if you study your bible.

While there are definitely some sites/links with information that I do not agree with, we must try to help everyone, so be careful when you view other sites do not be fooled, you are responsible for working out your own salvation with the Lord -- get your Bible out and check the information you are being given, regardless of who is giving you the information. You may hear/see conflicting information and it will be up to you to decided for yourself, you may need to pray to the Lord for help and guidance, Remember - No one can come to God (the Father,) except through Jesus Christ

Periodically I check to see if the ones I have linked to have linked back, if I cannot find a return link or I find a 404 error message, you are deleted from this page. If when you check to see if I have linked to you and you do not find one and you wish to re-link, please e-mail me and I will be happy to look into the matter. There could have been a power outage or your server may have been down at the time I checked.

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