May or may not always agree with all of the material found in the Web Sites below, albeit, we must try to teach everybody. Just because I do not agree with somebody does not necessarily mean that I should ban them from my site, however, I try not to allow sites that may be considered a cult. Ultimately, the views of a person's site may change from the time that they are listed, that is why you need to study for yourselves.

So, get your bible out and read for yourself, Jesus said many times, "Let no one deceive you," - the ultimate decision is yours, to see if what you are being told, whether from the pulpit, or on somebody's site, is true or not and the only way you are going to know this, is if you study your bible.

As this Webring page is fairly large, please be patient for all the codes to load. Thank you for your patience.

Periodically I check to see if the ones I have linked to have linked back, if I cannot find a return link or I find a 404 error message, you are deleted from this page. If when you check to see if I have linked to you and you do not find one and you wish to re-link, please e-mail me and I will be happy to look into the matter.

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