*Ch. Agassiz's Blueberry Crush (aka Ginny) winning BEST IN SHOW and her 4th Best Puppy in Show.  Shown by her co-owner Jeremy Browne.   Ginny is the FIRST female Australian Cattle Dog to win a Best in Show in Canada and has also won the most Best Puppy in Shows.

BISS/BIS/RBIS GCh. Agassiz's Wild Blu Yonder, HIC, RN, CGN, VS

Ch. Agassiz's Triblue Storm Watch, HIC, VS  Group Placer and Best in Match winner

Agassiz's Dreamtime Whiskey Girl

Agassizís Quiet Riot of Catalyst, HIC, CGN, RA MCL 

BPIS Ch. Agassizís Dreamtime Deacon, HIC, VS has also been featured on the cover of a Harlequin Romance novel!

Multiple Best in Show Winner and Reserve Best in Show Winner


Whiskey has earned his Canine Good Neighbour Certificate and with that he now has his Canadian Grand Championship Excellent!  He IS the FIRST Australian Cattle Dog in Canada to have both his American and Canadian Grand Championship titles!   Whiskey is now working towards his first herding title. 


Our Accomplishments

We are proud of our accomplishments and would like to share a few with you.....

Many of our accomplishments are the result of a lot of hard work, through the love and devotion of the dog's owners or breeders.  We appreciate the hard work and dedication of everyone.  Regardless of a title achieved, I am very proud of all the people who have provided dogs from our kennel a loving, caring and wonderful home. Thank you all so very much!

Over the years we have worked at trying to achieve a balance where our dogs are a combination of devoted working or companion dogs.   We have many titles to our kennel's credit, but it is not about the winning.  It is about living your dog's life to the fullest and having fun doing it.   The best achievements are not whether you win the top dog status or come home with biggest ribbon, it is about bonding with your canine friend, working with them, being a team and letting them bring out the best in both of you.   Remember a dog's love is unconditional, we have a lot to learn from them!

One of our most celebrated accomplishments was with  BISS/BIS/RBIS GCH. Agassizís Wild Blu Yonder, HIC, RN, CGN, VS.   Yonder is not only a Best in Show Specialty winner, a multiple Best in Show winner and a Reserve Best in Show winner, he is the first ACD in Canada to obtain his Grand Championship, exclusively by his owner, Chuck Lamers.  Yonder was the top ACD in Canada for 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2010.  Yonder is our first ACD to bring us to such levels of top dog status for Agassiz, we are so proud of him!

Our MBPIS/BOSS Ch. Agassiz Krystal Blu Persuasion, HIC, CGN, VS (aka Krysta) filled in as the top ACD in 2008.  In 2011 and 2012, Krysta's son MBIS, MRBIS, MBPIS, AOM Can GCHEx and Am GCh. AGASSIZíS WHISKEY ON THE ROCKS, CGN,  HIC, VS, RIT (aka Whiskey) was also the top ACD in Canada. 

In 2014 our news conformation star rose quickly into the top 5 ranking as just a young puppy! Ch. Agassiz's Blueberry Crush (aka Ginny) is now the third home bred Agassiz dog to win BEST IN SHOW.  She lives and is loved unconditionally by Jeremy and Vicki Browne of Byeyo Kennels near London, Ontario.  Ginny has had an amazing show career as such a young girl, see more information about her on the Girls Page.

Over the years we have had the pleasure of obtaining many conformation championships with our dogs.  To date we have over 20 dogs that have carried the Agassiz name to their Canadian Conformation Championship and 4 with their American Conformation Championship titles.  There have been another 8 dogs from other breeders we have also championed that were either our foundation dogs or have Agassiz dogs behind them. Our dogs have various wins including multiple group wins and group placement wins, Best in Show (BIS), Reserve Best in Show (RBIS), Best in Show Specialty (BISS), Best of Opposite Sex in Specialty (BOSS), Best Puppy in Show (BPIS), Best Puppy in Group (BPIG), Best in Match (BIM), Best Baby Puppy in Group (BBPIG), Best Baby Puppy in Show (BBPIS) and Sweepstakes wins.  We have achieved various levels of top dog status in Canada for many years, including having the #1 conformation ACD in Canada since 2006 and others within the top five ranking as well.

We are also proud of other dogs from our kennel that have various performance accomplishments as well.  We have dogs that have achieved titles in agility, flyball, tracking, obedience, dock diving, retrieval performance, disc and herding. Over 40 of our dogs have passed their herding instinct test certification (HIC).  Many of our dogs have also obtained their Canine Good Neighbour (CGN) certification and Ch. Agassizís Red Hot Sydney, HIC, VS, CGN  was certified and registered as a therapy dog as well. Some have competed in herding trials (various acronyms), Obedience (CD) and Rally Obedience (R) trials and many of our dogs are also have started their journey towards versatility awards, obtaining their first certifications as Versatility Started (VS)

On numerous occasions, photographs of our dogs have been featured in the American dog magazines, Dog World, Dog Fancy and Dog Fancy's Natural Dog.   In the March 2009 issue of Dog World, a photo of Agassiz's Jack the The Lad was featured in an article on herding dogs.  Then in the May 2009 issue (below right) Ch. Agassiz's Dreamtime Deacon Blu, VS, HIC was featured as the centerfold photo inside (not the cover) for the article "Wonder from down under".  The article also featured a picture of Agassiz's My Sweet Annie, HIC (red girl with cattle) and a picture of three of our puppies.  In the Winter 2010  issue of Natural Dog (the flip magazine of Dog Fancy) shown below left, our infamous BISS/BIS/RBIS Grand Ch. Agassiz's Wild Blu Yonder, VS, CGN, HIC, RN was featured as the cover dog!  All photographs were taken by the amazing photographer, Mark Raycroft (copyright protected).  Visit Markís site at  www.markraycroft.com


Since 1998 Browntrout Publishers has featured Agassiz dogs every year in either the Australian Cattle Dog, Blue Heeler (started 2004) or the new Red Heeler calendar (started 2010). Many of our dogs are featured inside and as puppies, Ch. Agassiz's Precious and True, HIC (aka Ruby) and Agassiz's Delta Blue Tucker, HIC (aka Tucker) were cover dogs!  Visit Browntrout's site at www.browntrout.com.


Agassiz's Delta Blue Tucker, HIC and Ch. Agassiz's Precious and True, HIC

New for 2012 is the Australian Cattle Dog Puppies Calendar featuring Agassiz puppies on the cover and inside as well!

Agassiz's Early Morning Blue (living in France) and Ch. Agassiz's I'm a Survivor, VS, HIC shown as puppies.