Here's some of the Priestcreek dogs.....

    Agassiz's Canadian Covergirl, HIC (aka Mindy)    

Priestcreek's Cascading Blue, HIC (aka Cassie)

Priestcreek's Marvelous Maiden (aka Marley) on the left and Priestcreek's Nothing to Lose (aka Lucy) on the right pictured at 4 months old

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Priestcreek Reg'd Kennel 

Tammy McGarry, Poltimore, QC

I would like to introduce you to some very special friends of ours that we have shared some incredible experiences with.

Tammy McGarry and Neilon Donovan of Priestcreek Kennels.  They are located outside the small village of Poltimore, about 50 kms north of Ottawa just across the border on the Quebec side. The Priestcreek dogs live the life working on their cattle/horse farm nestled in the beautiful Gatineau foothills.  Tammy and I first met back in 2002 when she purchased her first Agassiz Australian Cattle Dog.  A couple of years later she then obtained another dog from our kennel.  I will never forget the first time driving to their farm, how beautiful the countryside was and the hospitality when we arrived was still is every time we visit!  Charlie and I are always thrilled to be invited back!

Tammy started her breeding program with Agassiz's Canadian Covergirl (aka Mindy) and has produced some very lovely examples of the breed.   You may have noticed on my "Girls" page that tthree of our girls carry the Priestcreek Kennel name as well.  Priestcreek's Agassiz Abound (aka Abby) and Ch. Priestcreek's Agassiz Aurora (aka Skye) are daughters of Mindy and we adore them!  Recently Priestcreek's Agassiz Fired Up (aka Annie) has joined our crew as well.

There is a new stud dog residing at Priestcreek, Katwala's Red Streak of Fire (aka Brigus) and we are looking forward to introducing him into our Agassiz breeding program in 2012.


Katwala's Red Streak of Fire (aka Brigus)

Below is a picture of another Priestcreek stud dog, Bluespirits Valdesmont Foster (aka Foster).  Foster is the sire of our Skye (Priestcreek Agassiz Aurora), and Priestcreek's Marvelous Maiden and Priestcreek's Nothing to Lose (pictured left)


A new addition to Tammy's crew is our Trek's sister, Winddrover Cause Now I'm Canadian (aka Journey), both Journey and Trek arrived in Canada together in November 2012.

To learn more about Tammy and what she has planned for upcoming litters, contact her at  or 819-457-2563.  You can also find more information on by visiting her website at