about me

I have been certified as a PADI diver since 1995 and I have been teaching since 1998.  I learned in the tropical waters off the coast of the Dominican Republic.  During the four years I worked with Sea Pro, I met and taught many fascinating people from around the world.  I have great memories and some fantastic stories.

I met my first whale shark, bright yellow seahorse, and turtles off the north coast of the Dominican Republic.  I have been attacked by breeding Sergeant Majors, and mesmerized by a crab and moray eel fighting over territories. I found my first baby octopus, and watched as the stingray bodies vibrated in ‘child birth’.  It was unfortunate that one of many hurricanes did a lot of damage to my hotel, causing me to depart.  So...I popped home for a short Christmas break (I must have been crazy) before heading off to Hurghada Egypt and the Red Sea (not crazy at all).  Here I worked for a German outfit called Blue Water Dive.  ‘Wow!’ is all I can say.  The people were great and the diving even better. We had many wrecks to dive, which were not sunk for reefs.