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The Limestone Beekeepers Guild
Honey Contest 2016

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The Limestone Beekeepers Guild honey contest is meant to encourage members to participate and learn. The goal is to promote entries in local fairs and larger competitions. Entries had a label placed on the jar bottom by the entrant to assure anonymity. This year entrants were asked to assign a colour class with their entry. Marks were not deducted if they incorrectly declared the honey colour.

Judges for this year's contest were Nancy Cole, Jutta Daverne and Bill Lake. The judges placed a number label on to the jar lids so they could refer to the entries without seeing the entrant's labels. The original signup sheet was only referenced after the judging was completed. This year the entries were divided into two classes, light and coloured. There were 15 jars entered. Seven were placed in light and 8 in the coloured by the judges.

Each class was judged separately. Entries were judged in the following categories; appearance of container, freedom of crystals, freedom of foreign material, and freedom of air bubbles in suspension and froth. All entries were tested for their density or moisture content using a refractometer. Entries were also tested for colour as measured on the Jack's scale.

Canadian honey colour classes are White, 0 to 30 mm, Golden, 31 to 50 mm, Amber, 51 to 85 mm. and Dark 86 mm and higher.

Each entry was given an individual score sheet. The score sheet had the entrant's name, the class the judges had assigned to their entry, the score for each category with some comments, the moisture content for their honey, and the colour class as it measured in millimeters.

Comments on the score sheets were not meant to be critical but are meant to show what the judges saw and why they deducted points. This will show the entrants how to improve next year. There were two ties that were broken by comparing the tied entries score sheets for differences in each of the categories until one had a higher score than the other.

Before the honey contest winners were announced, members of the Guild at the November meeting were given the opportunity to vote for the People's Choice Award. This year's entries were divided into 4 groups and the room was divided into four. Each group voted for the best tasting honey in their group. The four winners were grouped and everyone was able to vote for their choice of the best tasting honey.

Special thanks to Busy Bee Beekeeping Supplies for donating 2 prizes for this year's honey contest. The remaining prizes were provided by the Limestone Beekeepers Guild.

Winners of 2015

Winners were presented with Limestone Beekeepers Guild certificate and able to choose a prize from the prize table.

The winner of this year's People's choice award goes to Monika and Martin Vogel of Busy Bee Beekeeping Supplies.

The light category winners were;

    First          Gerry Daverne
    Second         Barb Osborne
    Third          Ron Peterson

The coloured category winners were;

    First          Bill Kirby
    Second         Matthew Turner
    Third          Brendan Goff

Congratulations to all, the entrant's and thank you for entering the Limestone Beekeepers Guild honey contest.

Bill Lake
Limestone Beekeepers Guild

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