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Meeting date:

Thursday, May 18, 2017, 7:00 PM
Trousdale Room, South Frontenac Library,
4412 Wheatley Street, Sydenham ON

In the Beeyard

Activity is increasing now. Nectar and pollen should begin to come into the hive rapidly. The queen will be reaching her greatest rate of egg laying. The hive should be bursting with activity. This is typically the beginning of the main honey flow. Though, you wouldn't know it this cold, wet spring.

The Beekeeper: Check mite levels and treat as required. If the top brood box is filling up (6-8 full frames), add a queen excluder (if you use one) and add a honey super on top. If you have more than one hive now is a great time to move some brood from the strongest to any that are small and struggling. Watch for swarming behaviour this month and take action as needed (split, remove swarm cells etc). Try to inspect your hives weekly this month, things change quickly in the hive at this time of year. Attend your bee club meeting and TTP workshops. Read about bees.

Time Spent: four to five hours.

Finally, if you haven't already, please consider joining the Ontario Beekeeper's Association, there are many benefits to being a member, including an inexpensive insurance policy for beekeepers as well as a bimonthly journal.

New Meeting Format:

Please note, doors open at 7:00 meeting begins at 7:30 with a 9:00 end, no intermission.

7:00 coffee, cookies, juice and beekeeping buzz - find an old friend or make a new one.

7:30 Meeting Begins
Bill will discuss the LBG survey, the winter loss survey and will confirm that mentors have been paired.

We are still looking for a host for the 2017 summer picnic - dates and details will be suggested. Bill Kirby hosted in style last summer and will be a tough act to follow but, we are hopeful that somebody will volunteer. Please speak to Elaine or Bill at our meeting and they can fill you in on the finer details at our upcoming meeting.

Meet a Beekeeper Norm Hart, Long standing local beekeeper. Norm will wax poetically about his efforts with bees. A presentation not to be missed as this ex-professor shares his insights into all thing apian.

Guelph University Videos Swarming & Splitting Hives.

Small group discussion Topics will focus on IPM, nuc installation and swarm prevention.

Congratulations to the winners of our spring draw, Mark Figge, who won the hive tool and Alan Kary who won the veil/hat combo.

Limestone Beekeepers Guild Swag

Get your Limestone Beekeepers Guild tee shirt(s) the meeting, featuring the Guild's new logo. They are $15.00 each, cash only, please! Various sizes available.

There are a limited number of Limestone Beekeepers Guild Travel Mugs. For $10.00. They will be available at the meeting.

Classified Ads

Retiring Beekeeper - Has about 63 kg. of dark wax. Was used to make beeswax candles - very aromatic. In cakes of 1.5 kg. asking $6.00 per cake, or make an offer on all the wax. Also, a mid 1800's 6 candle, candle mould. Open to offers. Norm used it to make his candles. Call Norm Hart at 613-376-9998. Maxant Chain Uncapper for sale, Call George at 613 389-6117.

Upcoming Dates

Date to be announced- Limestone Beekeepers Picnic September 21- Limestone Beekeepers' Meeting. We are excited and eager to present Emily Rowe of the Ontario Beekeeper's Association who will be presenting along with Les Eccles of Ontario's Technology Transfer Program. More details will follow as the date closes in.

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Membership $15.00 and $20.00 per year

Correspondence can be mailed to:
Limestone Beekeepers Guild, c/o Harley Gallagher 420 MacDonnell Street, Kingston, Ontario K7L 4E4
Meetings are held at the Township of South Frontenac Public Library, Trousdale room, 4412 Wheatley St. Sydenham, On.

Bee Inspectors

Brian Lacey           Brian.lacey@ontario.ca          613-853-5325
Karen Whiteman        Karen.whiteman@ontario.ca       613-298-4098
Brent Halsall         Brent.halsall@ontario.ca        613-447-4479
Faye Bryers           faye.bryers@ontario.ca          613-859-8321

Beekeeper Registration:

Go to Ontario Beekeepers Association website: www.ontariobee.com
Under the section New Beekeeper Start Here    
Click on the picture. You will see Frequently asked Questions    
Click on the sentence: Do I Need to Register my hives if I only have one or two?
Click on here,
this will take you directly to the form.
You can print the form, fill it in, and return by mail or fax. Or you can fill in the online form and return by e-mail.
The return address, fax number and e-mail are all at the end of the document.

Bee Suppliers, Nuc and Queen Suppliers

Company          Phone           Website or Email               Contact

Busy Bee         613-275-1112    busybeebeekeepingsupplies.ca    Martin
Bee Supplies     1 844-287-9233                              and Monika

Propolis-etc     613 253-2337    propolis-etc.ca
                 1 855 933-2337

Dancing Bee      905 753-2623    dancingbeehoney.com              Todd

Peter Mewett     613 395-3225    earlyqueenarrivals.com

Robert Stevenson 613 389-9578

Neil Carter613   315 2688    Neilcarter50@gmail.com

Vern Price       613 928 1090    bigbayhorse@xplornet.com
                 613 803 5410
Graeme & Nora Peterson(613) 240-0317 Graeme (Munster p/u)
(613) 328-8563 Nora (Joyceville p/u)   bees@gridly.ca
Note: These are Debbie Hutchings' Queens and Nucs

Nancy Cole 613-377-1586 nancecole@gmail.com

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