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                                                                  About Us          
Diane and Sarah, owners of Fashion History Productions, a small home-based business registered in Ontario,
produce historical fashion shows in cooperation with clients and sponsoring organizations.

We began our association in February 1996 at Heritage Showcase.  Both of us had a collection of a small number of historical costumes that we were eager to show on live models, to dynamically demonstrate women's clothing in the past.

We collaborated on producing a fashion show of history at Heritage Showcase, Scarborough Town Centre Shopping Mall, with period music and commentary about history and how fashion evolves in response to historical events. 

The format was successful.  Audiences loved our nostalgic review of old fashions.  Volunteer models had a thrilling experience wearing our costumes

In subsequent years we undertook to expand our collections of costumes to demonstrate clothing fashions throughout more historical periods, to include accessories and undergarments, footwear, wigs and millinery, and to include children's and men's costumes.

The format of our shows has changed little - only to improve our interpretation of history and to make our shows more colourful and educational.

Our collections now comprise over 90 complete costumes.  Each show we produce is created specifically to fit with a theme chosen by the sponsoring organization's programme plan.
  • We bring selected costumes to the site of the show,
  • dress the models with our costumes,
  • coach them in period deportment and period vignettes,            
  • prepare the script and musical programme,
  • stage manage the whole show,
  • and after the show we pack up.       

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