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How to Bring a Fashion Show to your Site

Our dynamic shows reveal the evolution of fashion during 200 years, and relates the evolution with trends in social history and period music.
We can bring our historical fashion show to your site for entertainment and education of your audience. You can feature the show in your programme of special events, or as a fundraising event, or as an educational experience for members and students.                

You can select a time period for your show to illustrate, and decide how many costumed models you wish to have in your show.  Each live model is dressed to represent an historical period, complete with supporting undergarments, footwear, jewellery and millinery.
We will be pleased to work with your events coordinator and committee to plan an attractive and colourful show.

The individual models who will dress in our show costumes can be chosen from your supporters and volunteers.  Models can be any age.  Men and children can partricipate as models too.
Volunteer models always enjoy a thrilling experience in wearing and showing historical costume.

  What to Do First....................
After You Decide an Historical Fashion Show Will be Just the Thing for Your Programme

Your events coordinator will need to meet with Diane and Sarah for a planning meeting early before the show date.  At the meeting a programme can be developed that your audience would enjoy. We have many different programmes, each one using  selection of costumes from the collections, that illustrate a period in fashion history.Click here for some programme ideas.    The cost of presenting a fashion show depends on the number of costumes used and travel expense Recruiting models amoung your supporters and volunteers is best, and reduces costs.We offer special benefits to community service and non-profit organizations.
To find out more, to begin putting together some ideas about an historical fashion show that would be an entertaining and eductional event for your audience,please send your email inquiries to cosmaker@sympatico.ca or phone Sarah at 416-438-5728.

Wedding show
The Wedding Show: Bridal gowns of long ago shown at a retirement home.

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