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A Guide to Planning Your Historical Fashion Show
Diane Reid and Sarah Walker, as producers
of the show, will undertake these items:
The sponsoring organization and on-site event coordinator
for the show will need to undertake these tasks:
  • Meeting with the planning committee and show coordinator at their place to make plans for a programme about historical costumes - date, time, place, scope, theme and any other details.
  • Offering a print-out of the agreement entered into during verbal discussions with the sponsor's show committee.
  • Bringing all the costumes to the rehearsal and show site as planned that fit into the show's theme and scope.
  • Preparing each model to represent an historical date in the style. Every costume includes the outer garments, supporting undergarments, millinery, footwear, hairdos and accessories to complete each style.
  • Providing a chart of sizes of the garments chosen for the show to help the show coordinator to select models of the sizes needed.
  • Deportment coaching for the models to present their fashions in period deportment.
  • An historical commentary for the presentation which describes the history of fashion, local history and events that influenced fashion history.
  • A recorded musical programme to fit the show's fashion themes.
  • A firm estimate of the cost of our services.  An invoice will be prepared and sent to the show's coordinator.
  • Making a date with us for a planning meeting to decide on the theme and scope.  These discussions become the basis of an agreement that we will prepare for the show's sponsor.
  • Booking the location  and date for the show.
  • Supplying a sound system with microphone.
  • Publicity for the show if it is for presentation to a public audience.
  • Processing of ticket sales and receipts if applicable.
  • Getting volunteer models.  If the models, who will each wear one costume, are recruited among your members and contacts, the coordinator will undertake to search out suitable models with sizes and heights for the costumes to be shown.  Models can be any age.
  • Arranging a time and place for a dress rehearsal with all the models present before the show.
  • Providing a private dressing room with security near the show location for at least two hours before the show, until after the show. Models can be  assured their personal possessions are safe during the show

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