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Royal York United Church
Historical Fashions on Show
Bringing 200 Years of Fashion History to life in a lively and Dynamic show
Our dynamic show reveals the evolution of women's fashion during 200 years, and relates the evolution with trends in social history and period music.
We can bring our historical fashion show to your site for the entertainment and education of your audience. You can feature the show in your programme of special events, or as a fundraising event, or as an educational experience for members and students.
ou select a time period for your show to illustrate, and decide on the scope and how many costumed models you wish to have in your show.  Each live model is dressed to represent an historical period, complete with supporting undergarments, footwear, jewellery and millinery.  We have over 90 costumes - reproduction costumes developed from careful research, and actual 20th century garments.

We will be pleased to work with your events coordinator and committee to plan a colourful and attractive show. 
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to find out how to begin plans for bringing a show of historical fashions to your audience.
The individuals  who will dress in the show costumes can be chosen from your supporters and volunteers.  Models can be any age.  Men and children can participate as models too.  Volunteer models always enjoy a thrilling experience in wearing historical costume.

Click here to view the different fashion programmes we have developed that we can bring to your site.
Getting Ready for a Fashion Show

 Underwear  Hookup  hairdoing
Edwardian underwear                         Hookup                                     Doing a period hairdo
Photographed by Linda Fawcett Young at Royal York United Church Women's Group, Toronto, 2006

Bonnet ties  Boots  Hoop petticoat
 Tying on the bonnet                          Buttoning up the boots                       Putting on the hoop petticoat
Photographed by Linda Fawcett Young at Royal York United Church Women's Group, Toronto, 2006

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