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deBray Division Championships
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Red vs. Black Meet, Nov 2nd
Scoring is: 1st: 5 points; 2nd: 3 points; 3rd: 2 points; 4th: 1 point; double for relays.

uOttawa Meet, Oct 24th

2019-2020 Carleton Ravens Swim Team General Information

The Carleton Ravens Swim Team is open to all those with competitive swimming experience. Details on tryouts, workout schedule, competition schedule, etc., can be found below.

Brian Hill is the head coach, and Lynn Marshall is the manager and assistant coach.

We remain a lower tier Varsity team (in the Competitive Club category) at Carleton, which means we still receive limited funding from the University and must pay for pool time, coaching, and travel.

Thus, there will be a cost for joining the team. This cost has been slightly reduced from last year: $900.

This amount will be split between the registration fee of $300 (due Friday, Sept 13) and a fundraising requirement of $600. The fundraising portion will be due Tuesday, December 3rd as part of Carleton’s FutureFunder campaign. Details on this process will be provided to all swimmers who register.

The fee covers training costs (pool rental and coaching) access to a team locker room, physiotherapy services, competition fees, including transportation and accommodation. Swimmers will also receive team gear and a few other Varsity athlete perks (example: free admittance to most Varsity games, end-of-season banquet, etc.).

We recommend that you have your own paddles and fins. Carleton has fins that you can use, if necessary, but no paddles. Here are the paddles and fins that we recommend:
Paddles:   Fins:

Those who wish to access the HPC (High Performance Centre: training room for Varsity athletes) may do so at an additional cost. This season, the cost will not be subsidized by the team due to reduced team funding from Carleton Athletics. Cost to access the HPC once per week for the entire season is $366.12. If you wish to access the HPC, please pay this fee along with your $300 fee, i.e. a total of $666.12.

If you wish to attend yoga or other fitness classes, you can purchase a CUFit pass for $6 per week. Alternatively, you can register for a particular class. Attending one yoga class per week costs about $42 to $60 per term. Details here.

We are going to a training camp in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida from December 27th to January 3rd! Our first holiday training camp in over 10 years!!

Payment Information

The first $300 fee ($666.12 if you are opting in to the HPC training) is due Friday, Sept 13. You can pay by cheque payable to "Carleton University Swim Team" or send me (Lynn) an e-transfer to

If you choose to pay via e-transfer, please make the answer to your security question as follows: varsity2019

Financial Aid

Swimmers are encouraged to investigate and apply for scholarships and bursaries to help offset their swim fees and other expenses. Carleton offers more awards than any other Ontario University. Check out:

Tryout Information

The Carleton Varsity Swim Team is open to all swimmers with competitive swimming experience. We hope most swimmers can attend the first tryout on Wednesday, Sept 4 7:30-9:00am. We suggest swimmers then continue to attend the remaining workouts during the two week tryout period.

If you cannot attend the first tryout, please try to make it to the following practice. Everyone is welcome to attend as many of the practices during the two-week period as they wish.

Attendance and Regular Workout Schedule

The regular workout schedule starts Mon Sept 16th.

Attendance Requirements:

  1. The purpose of having a minimum attendance requirement is to ensure people are making the best effort to be part of the team, have the capacity to improve and be prepared to compete.
  2. Swimmers are expected to attend an average of at least four workouts per week to be eligible to attend the Divisional Championships and the OUA Championships. Swimmers who fall below the minimum remain eligible to attend competitions in the Ottawa area.
  3. The workouts attended should be selected from the eight Varsity swim workouts held each week. In weeks where the number of workouts held is adjusted, the minimum required will be adjusted and communicated in advance.
  4. Those whose schedules do not permit them to attend at least four scheduled workouts must get approval from Lynn at the beginning of each term for their plan to achieve the minimum required (including Masters workouts and/or public swim workouts).
  5. Unless it is part of your weekly approved schedule, attending public swim and/or training at other pools does not count towards the weekly requirement.
  6. In the case of short term illness, the average attendance requirement remains four workouts per week. In the case of long term illness or injury, adjustments to the requirements will be made.

Weekly Training Plans: Written by Brian

Detailed Workouts: Entered by Swimmers

Attendance Tracking: Entered by Coaches

Divs (Nov 22-23) Entry: Events Chosen by Swimmers

You will be informed ahead of time of any changes or cancellations to the schedule.

Changes to the workout schedule due to meets, holidays, etc., will be updated here as the season progresses:

Competition Schedule

Here is the draft competition schedule. Please be available to attend these competitions. If you have any conflicts, please discuss with us early in the school year! Additional meets (e.g. time trials) may be added.

Paperwork and Forms

To be eligible to swim on the Varsity team, there is lots of paperwork (some on-line, some hard copy) to complete:

NEW!: Opt-In Fees

This year students can opt in / opt out of various fees that are part of your tuition. As the swim team gets funding from CUSA (Carleton University Student Association) everyone on the team must opt in to the following three fees (a total of about $7): Any questions about this, just ask!

Team Facebook Group

Please join the Carleton Ravens Swim Team Facebook Group if you haven't already done so.

Join the Team on CUSA HUB

Log on or create your account (using your cmail e-mail address) on CUSA HUB. Then search for "swim" or "swim team" under groups, and select "Carleton University Ravens Swim Team" and click on "Join Group". (No need to do this again, if you joined previously.)

U Sports Portal Registration

All swimmers must register annually in the U Sports Central Portal. Go to: Please be sure to use your Carleton cmail e-mail address when setting up or accessing your account.

Returning swimmers: No cost. Click "Sign In" and follow the instructions. Note that you need your U Sports ID from last year -- let me know if you need this as I have a list. Once you are logged in, confirm your personal information (page by page) and be sure to sign off on the "Athlete Consent Acknowledgement". Please email me (or tell me) when you've completed this, as I don't get a confirmation email.

New swimmers: Cost is $50. Note: If you're not 100% sure that you will join the team, you can wait until September to complete this. Click "Register" and follow the instructions. After completion, please send me your U Sports ID as Carleton needs this for eligibility purposes. Once You have done that and have been added to Carleton's athlete list, I will let you know and you need to go back in and go through your profile page by page, and sign off on the "Athlete Consent Acknowledgement" on the last page of your profile.

If you encounter any difficulties with the system contact me.

Formstack for Swim Eligibility

This needs to be done every year.

Form: Swimming Formstack; Password: Ravensswim

There's a link to a .doc version of the medical form in the formstack. If you prefer, there is a pdf version of the medical form below.

CCES (Canadian Centre for Ethics and Sport) True Sport Clean Course

This also has to be done every year, but it’s shorter if you are a returning athlete. Once you complete the course, please send me your certificate to prove that you have done it (either save as pdf or take a screen shot).

Please pay particular attention to the information on cannabis:

If you have taken the CCES online course previously:
Please use the login information you previously created.
Can't remember your username? Try your email address.
Use the “Forgot Password?” function to retrieve your password if you have forgotten it.
Contact the CCES if you have forgotten your login information.
Do not use the enrollment key below to create a new account.
Please use this link to Login:
After you log in to your account, it should take you to your dashboard with "The 2019 True Sport Clean Review Online Course" already listed for you. If that's not the case, go to:, and select "The 2019 True Sport Clean Review Online Course".

If you are taking the CCES online course for the first time:
Please follow this link:
Type or copy and paste the Key Name: USports-2019 into the appropriate box and press Sign Up.

  1. You will be prompted to enter your name and your email address. Your email address will become your username. Use your Carleton email address.
  2. Enter a password that you will remember.
  3. Log in with your new username and password.
  4. Go to "My Courses."
  5. You must complete the "Profile" module before you can start the course.
  6. Return to "My Courses" to begin the course.
  7. If you don't see the course, go to: That should bring up a list of courses. Select: "True Sport Clean 2019 Online Course"

If you return at a later date to start training or to continue a partially completed course, you must log in with your unique username and password. If you use the enrollment key again you will be creating a duplicate account and will have to start your training from the beginning. You'd prefer the e-learning portal to display in the other official language? Locate the "Language" function in the bottom left-hand corner of the e-learning portal.

If you have trouble logging in, please contact the CCES for assistance: Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport, 1-613-521-3340 x3236 or 1-800-672-7775,

Carleton Medical Forms

When you complete your "Formstack" -- link above, it will direct you to a word version of the medical form, which you should complete and send to me (Lynn). If you prefer to print out a pdf version and fill it in that way, here it is: Medical Form (pdf). I also have hard copies at the pool. This has to be done every year.

Swim Ontario Personal Information Consent Form

New swimmers: To swim for Carleton, you need to be registered with Swim Ontario / Swim Canada. I take care of the registration, but they require that everyone sign this consent form. You can complete the pdf or get a hard copy from me at the pool. Note that if you are under 18, it requires a parent / guardian signature, so in that case I'd recommend bringing or sending me a completed copy. This only has to be done once, and is not required if you completed it in a previous year.

Season Goals

Please send your season goals to Brian ( and me ( by email.

Apply for a Bursary

Not required, but recommended if you have financial need. The deadline to apply is October 31st. Complete the Carleton Bursary application form in Carleton Central. You will only be permitted to fill this in if there are bursaries that you are eligible for. Some are for students eligible for OSAP and some are not. Check out the instructions.

Carleton Tryout Form

No form to complete ahead of time -- just add your name to the tryout list at your first workout of the season.

Carleton Ravens Bird Gang Membership

Everyone on the team automatically becomes a member of the "Bird Gang". This gives you free admittance to almost all home games, and a free T-shirt. More details soon. If you are a new swimmer, please email me your student number and men's T-shirt size.

New: With your Bird Gang Membership, you can purchase merchandise from Rodney's House for cost + 10%.

Athletic Therapy Procedure

Swimming Related Jobs

ROC Swimming Age Group Coaches

ROC Swimming, the age group team that trains at Carleton, is often looking for regular and substitute coaches. For more information and to apply, send your resume to Rick Hellard.

Carleton Lifeguard Positions

Carleton hires lifeguards every term: details here.

Aquasport Discount

The Varsity team has been added to Aquasport's team program. This gives give you a 15% discount on regularly priced merchandise in their stores: 2730 Iris in Ottawa and several stores in Montreal. (The Ottawa Montreal Road location has closed.)

Questions about the Varsity Swim Team

Contact Team Manager, Lynn Marshall at: