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Immortal is a Role-Playing game published by Precedence Publishing. The game was created by Ran Ackels who also supplies most of the stunning art. You can find some of it below.

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New July/August '98:

Our game revolves around the misadventures of an awakening group of Ingenue in Montreal city. The saga's main characters are the players themselves who are slowly learning to cope with their new-found powers and responsibilities as well as the area's messy politics.

Our Actors are:


    As mentioned before, the saga is set in Montreal, Quebec. Here is some background information I wrote up for some of the players:

    New France was originally colonized by Anopheles, and Banjax to a lesser extent. Eremites and Magdalen took what is now the U.S. and "western Canada" as well as, for a while, what is now Quebec.

    BTW, before these Prides arrived, North America was mostly populated by Tautha with some Terat and Dracul; the latter much closer to Central America. Eventually, the Magdalen, with the help of the Arachne, broke away from the Eremites in what was the American Revolution. This marked the end of Eremite/Magdalen cooperation.

    In Canada, the conflict between the Eremite factions and the Anopheles and Banjax factions went better for the Eremites resulting in their long time domination of Quebec. The Anopheles and Banjax struggled to maintain a presence in the province for a few hundred years, while slowly stirring dissent among the population. In 1968 (I think), the Anopheles pawn General De Gaulle (sp?) uttered a few words which would change Quebec history forever as well as allow both the Anopheles and Banjax to count coup against the Eremites ("Vive le Quebec francais. Vive le Quebec libre"). In the following months and years, Anopheles jugglers and the Banjax stirred a "quiet revolution" which led to the current political situation with the Anopheles/Benjax in power in the province. As the situation stands now, the Banjax and Anopheles have an uneasy alliance against the Eremites. Needless to say the Eremites still have a strong presence in Montreal, with the tug-of-war going back and forth between them in the city as the language debate continues. The Magdalen keep a low profile in the area as do most other Prides which are lesser in numbers.

    In Montreal, most of the "business" and "political" positions are controlled by the Eremites and Anopheles respectively. The Banjax are there mostly to stir up the population. The other major Prides include the Magdalen which have many contacts in Academia (Montreal has four universities) and the Nimrod which keep the tenuous situation under surveillance to avoid another FLQ resurgence similar to the october crisis of the early '70s. There is at least one known Mantle belonging to the Eremites in Quebec, but it's location is a well kept secret as is the one belonging to the Anopheles. The Banjax are believed to have one but it is unconfirmed. Of course the Junkyard Mantle remains neutral ground to all Prides and is run by Solitaires. What is known about it is that the Tryst molded the Mantle into a zone where weapons decay rapidly if used and all "offensive" attentions automatically generate Taint.

    Montreal is in a general state of mild confusion. Anopheles and Eremites are constantly looking for weak spots in the other's doings, this pretty much covers all levels of society. The Banjax are pretty well split into two extreme camps, the MAJOR rebels usually in biker gangs [Hell's Angels and Rock Machine] and the like, and the "generals" which are more clean cut and politically oriented. The whole situation is compounded by the fact that because of all this instability, the area naturally attracts more than it's share of Solitaires and other Prides who find it particularly easy to get lost in the confusion. The big three work mostly behind the scenes giving orders from their Mantles (from which the rumor of the Banjax having a Mantle in/near Montreal arises) through a network of Emissaries.

    The Nimrod are not on everyone's christmas card list. This is because, after the October crisis, the Nimrod petitioned the Jury to let them remain a presence in the area in order to avoid all-out war between the big three. They got it, on condition not to interfere on other levels [i.e. cannot count coup]. Thus, the Nimrod are free to go where they please and forcefully stop any physical altercation between Immortals, even if it does not break the Silence. And this is a job they take to heart.


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Some of Ran's Artwork:

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This artwork is copyrighted to Ran Ackels, who was nice enough to let me post it on this page. Thanks Ran !


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