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Price List
June 2003

Rates are based on distribution and this is a different pricing concept from most of my contemporaries. Fees include research, scanning, delivery and other associated costs of production and delivery. Client may use image up a full page.

There are several items to remember:

1. Doug MacLellan retains all rights to the images.
2. Doug MacLellan does not provide model releases. This is editorial work and can only be used for that purpose.
3. Upon sale, Client  will be invoiced directly. Fees are in Canadian dollars. Terms are net 21 days. Interest charges of 2% on the outstanding amount will be charged after due date.
4. Client may use the image for any size up to and including one page. Anything over a page will incur extra costs. Location in the publication also affects price. Fees are against space rate, whichever is higher.
5. The rest of Doug Maclellan's usual terms and conditions apply. These terms will accompany any written delivery memos, invoices, statements and return memos. Please follow the link to view the sample short form stock license.
6. Reprints and extra runs are extra uses and will be billed accordingly.
7. The fee includes shipping to Client. There are no scanning, transmission, duping, copy work or research fees. The licensing fee is all you pay.
8. The following are for Canadian customers. Other price lists are available for the USA and Europe.

MAGAZINES and NEWSPAPERS, Canadian Dollars

Usage is for one time, non-exclusive per image per publication. Prices are for non-advertisement only.
Usage  Province Regional National World
Cover 351 468 617 1052
Inside 198 264 344 594
Inside and Cover 463 635 815 1390
Double Page 325 448 570 976
Back Cover 363 490 643 1090
Opener 238 317 412 713
Wraparound 468 632 820 1404
TV Editorial 211 291 370 633

WEB SITE, Canadian Dollars

Usage is non-exclusive for three months per image in one language.
World Wide Web Advertisement World
Banner Ad 1500
Home Page 750
Other Locations 375

World Wide Web News World
Home Page 525
Other Locations 225

World Wide Web Educational World
Home Page 375
Other Locations 150

PUBLISHING/BOOKS, Canadian Dollars

Pricing is for one time, non-exclusive reproduction rights. License grants usage per image, per publication, per language and for non-advertising medium including CD-ROM, editorial books and texts. ISBN number required for Publishing/Books rates.
Usage Province Region National World
Cover 370 410 469 648
Inside 198 217 257 356
Cover and Inside 487 536 621 852
Double Page 243 273 321 426
Back Cover 231 255 291 405
Opener 277 316 356 494
Wraparound 550 636 704 1098
CD-ROM/Inside Program>secondary location  198 217 257 356



Pricing is for one time non-exclusive reproduction rights. License grants usage per image for entertainment media as outlined by category below.
Usage Province Region National  World
Music CD cover 975 1237 1462 2662
Music tape cover 900 1125 1350 2475


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