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God Bless the Grandfather of Spinoni Italiani

Guido and his Champions

I, Joe Malandruccolo, the webmaster for Di Morghengo Kennel would like to regretfully inform the world that that my grandfather, Guido Malandruccolo, passed away on Monday, November 17th at 8:45 PM. He is an amazing person, who made a phenomenal impact in the world of Spinoni Italiani and the lives of those he touched. If you would like to read his obituary please click here. If you would like to send us (his family) a message, please click here. I would like to thank everyone for your tremendous support, assistance and kind words throughout the years that my Grandfather was involved with the Spinoni Italiani. At this time Margaret Coe plans to continue Di Morghnego Kennel and continue the legacy that she and my Grandfather work so hard to build.

Based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Di Morghengo Kennel is rooted in excellence. We have been breeding Spinoni Italiani for over 30 years. We have ejoyed many accomplishments throughout the years. Our dogs have received hundreds of awards, championships, and certifications. One of our greatest accomplishments came in 2002, when our dog Sheynia received Best of Breed at the Westminster Kennel Club.

Our champion Sheynia

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