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Here are some various pictures of Guido and his champion Spinone

Sheynia's victory at Westminster

Our new puppy 'Macho DiMorghengo' from Sheynia and Dino's Litter

Dino winning Best of Breed in Ohio

Guido with Coco 2, Tom with Brutis

Dino winning Best of Winners

Pictures of Fabio as a pup

Lela and Oreo's Litter

Oreo winning a "Best of Winners" award

Pups from Brutis and Lela's litter

Guido's two grand-children


Diana and her pups


Olivia playing with her cousin


Picture Perfect!

Mara and Brutis' pups at 2 days old

Mara and Brutis' pups at 2 days old

Olivia Sleeping like a baby!

Olivia and Shenya Napping

Margaret feeding some pups

Diana with her and Middeo's pup's

Mara and Brutis' pups at 3 wks old


Two of Guido's dogs on the front of the AKC Gazette

Cecelias' little girl in Guido's hands

Dino and Sheynia's Pups

Little Coco #2 on point at 6 months

Shenya watching TV at Vic and Janet Renzi's

Diana new mother prize in Auda natural ability

Coco #2 tanning on the deck

Gia with her and Brando's pups

Diana with her and Middeo's pups