Some of My Work

I have received many messages from people who in essence say, "Who are you to criticize" and "You're probably just a lousy artist if you say that sort of stuff."

Whether one paints well or not is irrelevant to any comments one makes about modern art. Most critics can't paint at all. Anyone can express their critical views. It doesn't require an academic pedigree.

The only reason that I show some of my work here is that I am often accused of being unqualified to criticize Modern Art. I don't make any claims that I paint particularly well, but I do know something about technique, drawing and art history. One needn't have any great amount of knowledge to appreciate art or to distinguish competence from utter incompetence.

If artwork were judged in terms of quality rather than by its signature a lot of art history would change.


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Picassoholica2.jpg (91075 bytes)

Picassoholica sketch
10" x 9"

picassoholica.jpg (33159 bytes)

Picassoholica - unfinished
8" x 13"

picassoholica-empty-hand.jpg (70178 bytes)

Picassoholica - detail

picassoholica-face.jpg (78654 bytes)

Picassoholica - detail

surreal-still-life.jpg (49156 bytes)

Still life sketch
7" x 9"

FacesStudy.jpg (45599 bytes)

Faces - study
6" x 6"

Works2.jpg (35283 bytes)

Scene detail
8" x 6"

dreams.jpg (67475 bytes)

Dream - unfinished
8" x 7"

dreamsDetail.jpg (46837 bytes)

Dream - detail

Works6.jpg (20942 bytes)

Art Diploma -Take One
1' x 1.8'

Portrait1.jpg (39118 bytes)

16" x 10"

Portrait2.jpg (23848 bytes)

detail 1

Portrait3.jpg (29187 bytes)

detail 2

mirage-bluedog1..jpg (28800 bytes)

Mirage Blue Dog
10" x 8"

Monas.jpg (41745 bytes)

Mona - unfinished

IdeaSketch.jpg (67496 bytes)

Match unfinished
6" x 8"


System.jpg (56827 bytes)

The System
12" x 12"

N-detl.jpg (12674 bytes)


Works14.jpg (30951 bytes)

10.5" x 8"

Works15.jpg (15581 bytes)

Mickey Mona detail
6.5" x 8"

Working-drawing.jpg (42506 bytes)

8" x 7"

Draw1.jpg (33962 bytes)

5" x 7"

Egypt1.jpg (47413 bytes)

Middle Yeast Rising
20" x 15"

Zap Duck.jpg (77754 bytes)

Zap Duck detail
5" x 5"

face-landscape.jpg (31428 bytes)



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Before the advent of the Internet this kind of criticism was impossible.

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