Good and Evil

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Architectural Sketch for a Rear Entrance to the Museum of Critically Approved Modern Art

When something is labeled illustration, kitsch or commercial by a critic, it simple means that it is politically incorrect in the Modern Academic sense. These labels are usually assigned to artwork exhibiting a high degree of skill and craft, which most people like without the benefit of an Artspeak indoctrination. When they come from Modern Art critics they really mean blasphemy, artistic evil and ignore anything so labeled. Such artwork is then excommunicated from any holy place showing Modern Academic Art.

Modern Academic theologians, critics and historians have damned some of the best 19th and 20th century artwork by simply using these labels.

Here are some examples of good and evil as seen from the Modern Academic point of view.

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Not yet labeled as evil by critics. But they try to pass off the sense that its art going off in the wrong direction. Things are starting to get suspiciously kitschy in their opinion.

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Academic evil. Never mind the detail, the technique or any attractive quality in the subject matter. Modern Academic Art Critics do their best to make believe that this sort of painting doesn't really exist.

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Advanced self expression

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A great artistic advance Artistic bulimia Surreal cement sausages
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Great drawing

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Creative beyond comparison

nude with problems Kindergarten talent finished coloring book page 


The whole history of 19th century academic painting is ignored by contemporary historians. You would think that the artwork most admired during this time was nonexistent. It is as if a book on 20th century history devoted only one page to Hitler.

BOUG.jpg (35041 bytes) boug Evening.jpg (19311 bytes) Most art history books mentioning this artist damn him without reproducing any of his work. His work is critically considered the height of all that can be wrong with art. In spite of this it is growing ever more popular yet his name is practically unknown.

Compare the composition with the great artistic advance above

Rockwell1.jpg (69572 bytes) He is considered a national treasure by some and critically labeled as just another commercial kitsch illustrator by others.  Totally  banned from museums containing the above geniuses because his paintings are too sentimental to look at.
Vargas2.jpg (16624 bytes) Vargas.jpg (29794 bytes)Brings out the prude in any art critic labeled intellectual. His work represents a whole school of painting considered vulgar. That being the case we can not discuss the technique and craft in these works. They are today dismissed as ragtime music once was. Its art for a rabble on the road to hell.



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