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I suppose that those who disagree with the views expressed here might imagine that like some conservatives I advocate a return to the old. They could not be more incorrect. I do not suggest recreating styles or subject matter because they are classical or painting in the style of the Salons or returning to Raphaelesque purity. Good artists inevitably use their techniques and skills to do something which others haven’t already done.

What is really worth preserving from the past is that technical knowledge which is universal and can be put to use in executing any style or subject matter. We need never worry that Art will run out of styles.

I am convinced that there is as much fine work produced now as before. It just doesn’t conform to what is presently fashionable and doesn’t fit into the narrow confines of what is considered by critics as great Modern Art.

Here is a list of some artists I feel have done work well worth seeing.

Peter Bloome
Paul Cadmus
R. Crumb
Walt Disney
Mat Groening
Al Hirschfield
J.C. Lyendecker
Norman Rockwell
Maxfield Parrish
George Tooker

I could list forty more and there are hundreds more whose names I don’t know. Some are familiar others hard to find. As far as our holiest critics are concerned these artists are for the most part dismissed as illustrators producing kitsch. This means that they are rarely mentioned or reproduced in anything pertaining to fine art. Their work, with a few exceptions, is carefully kept out of museums and rarely shown even when in museum collections.

I also want to mention a few favorites top illustrators.

Braldt Bralds
Mark English
Robert Guisti
Wilson McLean
Stan Meltzoff
Mel Odem
Artur Szyk

There are so many more. Comic book artists, cartoonists, scientific illustrators, nature illustrators, etc. Good sources for these illustrators are the various Illustration Annuals. Although I mention only Americans because they are the most familiar to me, we shouldn’t forget that fine artwork is a worldwide phenomenon.


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