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Filion, Fillion,
Philion and Phillion
(and Felion and Fillon!)
families of America
(Inaugurated on July 4th, 1999!)

These pages are devoted to the history and the genealogy of
Filions, Fillions, Philions and Phillions (and even Felions and Fillons) of America
(and elsewhere).
To make things simple, I just write F(Ph)il(l)ion.

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Here are the subjects appearing in the French version of my site. I am working on translations that will be put on the Web as soon as possible. Some F(Ph)il(l)ion across America are helping me. If you are interested to help me with translations, just send me an e-mail!

Links are for both English or French versions. Some pages result of complete English translations. Otherwise, only the introduction of the page is in English, and the rest of the page is in French.
Evolution of the name: Filion, Fillion, Philion, Phillion, Felion (U.S.A.) and Fillon (France). In English.
Around the World: statistics showing where in the world Filions, Fillions, Philions, Phillions, Felions and Fillons are living, and how many they are. In French, but I'm sure that tables of statistics and maps can help you to make your own idea about where F(Ph)il(l)ion, Felion and Fillon are living.
Biographies of Canadian ancestors (Michel Feulion, Anthoine Fillion) and biographies of some other F(Ph)il(l)ion who came in Canada before 1760. In English.
Coats of Arms of the F(Ph)il(l)ion families. In French. Pictures.
Places named F(Ph)il(l)ion (toponymy): Quebec, Canada, U.S.A. Tables and maps. In French but can be understandable for English speakings.
Short biographies of famous F(Ph)il(l)ion (yesterday and today). In French.
Biographies and historical searches on the F(Ph)il(l)ion families. In French.
Old documents about the F(Ph)il(l)ion families. Some writings by F(Ph)il(l)ions. In French.
Photographs of the F(Ph)il(l)ion and their heritage. In French with English translations.
List of books and articles written by F(Ph)il(l)ions. Some in English.
Biographies of famous Fillion and Fillon in France. In French.
Links towards F(Ph)il(l)ilion websites. In French, but URL Adresses are universals...
Link to Généalogie des Felion, Filion, Fillion, Philion et Phillion d'Amérique, a genealogical website created by Joseph-Jules Fillion. This genealogical dictionary can be understable for English speakings.
New !
Link to the official site of the Association des Filion, Fillion, Philion et Phillion d'Amérique: news, achievements, publications, promotional items, membership. Fully bilingual!
Send me genealogical informations about you! In Englieh.

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