The Heavenly Flight -

Preparing for the spiritual "Night"
Before the Great Day-Light

  • Introduction
  • The Christian Coat of Arms? (The Ultimate Goal / Vision!)
  • The spiritual environment change and its effect on the Christian climate!

  • Consensus versus Competition exercise, the importance of unity in the body of Christ!
  • Communication tools (With God and between people)
  • The relational window for better relationships!
  • Feedback, openness, Attitude / Trust
  • The Anger Process Awareness
  • The Christian Group dynamic Exercise
  • The different personality style (Personal Value Inventory (PVI) questionnaire / model)

  • The spiritual Force Field (FF) of changes
  • Questionnaire on how to manage the change towards the spiritual "night!"
  • Process Improvement exercise - The lamp is ready!
  • Ministries preparing for The Change (Sunset Ministries, Prophets, etc)

    NOTE: Seminar can be adapted to smaller time frame requirements.