ASA Snapshots!

Steve Ovis exits nine and enters major denial.

I just thought this shot looked fast! Ryan exits nine.

I wanted to get a good shot of the track from Nosehill Drive for a long time, but the weather did not co-operate. This hazy view shows pretty well the entire layout of the track. I would really appreciate a better picture of this. I used a 200mm lens to capture this shot. Early morning would be a good time as the Sun would be well placed to illuminate the scene rather than cause glare in the lens.

Lindsay Alcock digs in hard!

Paul Boehm slides cleanly through turn two. The top turns are so very important, a missed line here and the race is over.

Denny Simon does some serious air out of nine. I wish I had waited a millisecond or two before taking this shot as he must have flown a good foot off the ice at the top of his trajectory.

Susan Adams goes into turn four under the lights. This is the first real pressure point, all of a sudden, we are on a ride!

Maybe if I try one runner, I will go faster!

Near the end of the sweeping 270 degree Kriessel at Calgary Olympic Park.

Ray Langefeld stealing a peek going into five.

The Australian team with Lesley. Justin really needs a better winter jacket, n'est ce pas?

Steve Ovis caught with his head rapidly going down as he transfers from six to seven. He looks nicely on the left, so he should be all right...

And immediately following, Ted Williamson. His head is getting pushed down too!

I am Gort. Take me to your leader. Wait a minute, I am your leader. Klaatu, let's boogie!

Would you buy a used skeleton from this guy?

Ballet anyone?

My mother warned me about associating with fast women. Did I listen?

Now that is fast!

Oh lord, please forgive me for turn eight and the entrance to twelve.

I want to get vertical, vertical...

Now that is a high eight!

When does the exit to this turn happen?

You have to love my form.

They would not let me slide!

Good thing this pony-tail acts like a rudder...

And my chiropractor just got that crick out of my neck!

I sure hope that my wife does not find out that I know how to use one of these things.

Juri and the Enforcers.

Wall, we just have to stop meeting like this.

And finally, the only picture of me on the track. I am just too fast to photograph!

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