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New photos are going to trickle in here from time to time.

After numerous requests, a section on building optic heaters.

I have installed a G11 to replace our aging Super Polaris. Here is a montage of its insallation.

Our uniquely mounted Brown scope, a telescope with the eyepiece always at one height for observing ease.

I have started to assemble wide field images of the sky visible from our Observatory. Here are four images that display the summer Milky Way starting overhead and working down to the south.

Please click equipment page to view images and text detailing some of our equipment in use. This will be the place that I will display modifications that I have done to our equipment to improve our scopes and make observing easier.

This image may be old, but it is a good one. This fireball happened on the evening of 1994, April 8th, at 22:13 local time. The sonic boom was heard four minutes later, indicating that this meteor probably fell somewhere. A study of the trajectory indicates that the likely place for the fall is somewhere in dense bush north of Trenton, ON. This is a 40 minute exposure of Comet McNaught Russel when it was in the heart of Auriga. For fun, while I was photographing the comet through the main scope, I put an LPR filter in front of our 50mm f1.2 lens and stopped it to f2.8 for the exposure on Fuji 400D film. This meteor was so bright that it left a ghost trail on the filter. I thought that a flare had been lit right over the observatory! High resolution scans available upon request.

Images from the 00-01-21 Total Lunar Eclipse.

If you should have any experience or tips for scanning slides and negatives, please send email to the address below, I would be glad to hear from you. Getting a good four meg file, to say nothing of a 100K Jpeg, from a nice slide is not an easy task and the learning curve seems to be steep.

For more information send mail to Mark Kaye at:

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