Mug Shots

Here we go! Shots of the kids so that family and relatives can keep in touch with our ever growing clan as of the middle of 2011-January.

Guess what has captivated Matthew and Christina's boys, Eric, Nicolas and Peter? Epic Mickey.

Some sort of industrial accident, I am sure. Lyndsay was working at the barn this year and did not get a chance to dress up.

Sasha getting into the Hallowee'en thing.

Lyndsay and Midnight taking best dressed award.

I finally got to ski at Lake Louise and Sunshine. What a view! See, I do wear a helmet, but now I have upgraded it to a lovely Salomon Ranger. I highly recommend them. Very comfortable.

The newest member of the family, Sasha.

Robin's continuing pursuit of classical sports, fencing.

Hallowee'en 2009. Another video character. Is she not sweet?

Hallowee'en 2008 was a highly anticipated event. Video game characters were this year's theme.

Robin was Sheena from Tales of Symphonia.

Lyndsay taking a dressage lesson at Wolfden Stables.

The Sun sets over Louborough Lake.

Lyndsay has been taking riding lessons since last summer. She rides at Meadowlarke Stables. This may be a pony, but she thinks she is a horse. This was taken at the end of lesson show.

We went for a field trip to the butterfly conservancy in Guelph, as well as the Donkey Sanctuary. Sorry, no donkey pictures, just two birds and Lyndsay.

Lyndsay, Linda and I went on a trail ride near Parham at a place called Eastern Cowboy. Lyndsay rode this beautiful Arabian.

Lyndsay riding Belle. This pony loves to jump. Lyndsay is becoming a grown up, I do not know how that happened so quickly.

Robin gets to ride too!

Another year and it is still not any easier... (See lower down.)

Extra points if you can guess who Robin is for Hallowe'en this year?

A couple of years and they are still hams... (See even lower down.)

Stop the presses!

Lyndsay caught an even bigger trout, 62cm long and over 4.2 kilos. Rumour has it that it has been prepared for shipment to granny's.

Would you look at this fish! Lyndsay landed this large lake trout all by herself using light tackle.

Getting ready for the table. We do not have a fish scale, but it was 57cm not stretched out. Lyndsay thought that she was snagged on the bottom, but after a good long struggle, she said, "Daddy, you better get the net ready!" It was delicious and fed five with lots left over.

Mother Nature goes out for Hallowe'en.

Eric, the latest addition to the Kaye family and an attentive Robin.

Do not let the clothes fool you, she can really hit the bulls-eye!

One of the many bass still roaming The Lake, posing for a quick picture.

What more can I say other than this was the best of a series of six shots.

Lyndsay on Sabrina at her birthday riding party at Whinny Acres. She had a blast!

At Christmas, all Lyndsay wanted was to adopt a Red Panda at the Toronto Zoo. She finally got to meet her adopted friend on her ninth birthday.

Lyndsay showing her medal for being the most improved gymnast of the year. She was very pleased with this award!

Robin skating with her grade seven class.

Hallowe'en 2004. A Sage and her familiar.

We had a good haul of pumpkins this year. The two largest were a surprise too! We thought we had only four, but the two big ones were hidden in the undergrowth deep in the garden.

This one weighs in at 20 kilos!

Lyndsay climbs the walls!

Near the end of this page is a picture of Lyndsay on this very same bridge. She is just as keen to hike now as she was then. This is the bridge at Limehouse on the Bruce Trail.

Hard to believe that either one can sleep like that!

Robin is 12! Seems impossible. 12 and still the best big girl!

Robin toughing out a hard day at school...

Lyndsay too!

It is not every night that both Santa and the Tooth Fairy come to town! (Photo by B. Gregory)

Another Hallowe'en. Quite the scary pair!

Lyndsay and Robin pretty much as high above sea level as you can get in Ontario, 502 metres. This is lunch on Murphy's Pinnacle, every bump in Ontario has a mountainous sounding name. On a clear day, you can see the top of the CN Tower, 80 kilometres away behind Lyndsay's head. It was too hazy for it to stand out today, it was a tough find in binoculars. Lyndsay loves to hike and she insisted that we bring Robin up here. Robin had a great time!

Lyndsay busts some moguls. Lyndsay's idea of a good day is to go skiing. She has taught me how to ski moguls. I follow her line and I can handle them. Unfortunately, the season is almost over. We may get out once more if we are lucky.

I had the great fortune to ski with Bitten and Jim Tisdale at Big White. I had a fabulous time. Note, I wear a helmet always now! This from the top of the Alpine T. (Photo by Jim Tisdale)

Lyndsay and Robin modelling the beautiful sweaters that Aunty B made for them for Christmas 2001.

Lyndsay, Robin and Abigail. Abigail was born to Margot and Peter on the 16th of July, 2001 and is doing very well indeed!

Abigail and Linda relaxing on the deck.

We all helped hook these rugs for the girl's floors. They are very proud of them...

Halloween 2000. They had a great time. For the second year in a row, the weather was perfect.

Lyndsay's first fish, a nice little rock bass that she devoured. Robin also caught lots of fish this summer, throwing most of them back, but eating the odd perch.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The Birthday Girl gets ready to party! Robin is now seven. Lyndsay sure looks cool in her shades and Mum contemplates the party to come.

One event that was a hit this fall was fairs. Here is our Harley gang!

Another favourite is hiking. Lyndsay loves to get out on the Bruce Trail and Robin loves to rock climb.

Our resident witch and her magician side-kick.

This train go any faster?

It sure is fun when you get to feed yourself.

Lyndsay and Robin displaying their ivories. Robin lost her first tooth on the morning of the 24th of October. The one beside it on her left will come out soon. She shows the hole to everyone and anyone who will look!

Robin has overcome the Pox! Here she is in all her glory. She took it well and did not scratch anything.

A rare photograph of Linda and a not rare photograph of Lyndsay. Every once and a while, I get lucky.

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