Losmandy G11

Have you ever wondered why there has been so much cloud since the end of last October? I purchased a G11 for The Observatory and we seem to have been paying for it ever since. I had to spend 23 nights at The Observatory before I was granted three hours of observing time and at that, it was hazy. Here is the mount going onto our phone pole.

The poor overtaxed Super Polaris. Its gears were rounded and the Declination would jump in the wrong direction each time a correction was called for.

A closer last look before all of the top part of the pier is replaced.

With the old mount off, the adaptor plate to interface the old equatorial mount has to be removed. I will miss this bit as it was a great place to store eyepieces.

With the adaptor plate off, the three low friction pads for when the pier was used with the Brown mount are next to come off.

With the pads removed, all that is left is the bolt which is too small to be of any use with the G11 pier adaptor.

Of course, nothing is ever easy. This bolt was a pain to get out, I ended up yanking it through the plywood with a pair of vice grips.

I had this old device that holds an electric drill perpendicular to one's work. It proved very useful to drill a long straight hole for a long lag screw.

I then used this 13mm by 200mm lag screw to tap the hole threads.

Then I fastened the pier adaptor in to place.

Roughly aligned the adaptor to north and then tightened it into its final resting point.

I added six more smaller bolts around the perimeter of the inside of the adaptor and then I fit the mount into place.

Then the Digital Drive System was attached and all the cables were hooked up.

And here is the scope in all its glory. Works great, on the two clear nights I have had since last October to try it out...

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