2000-01-20 Lunar Eclipse

For old time's sake, a few shots of the 00-01-20 eclipse, followed by three shots that show the equipment and some of the people brave enough to stay outside all night long at -23C.


A shot of my setup. I used a pier designed for a Newtonian with our Refractor which meant I had to lie on the ground to frame shots. I am glad I brought the sleeping bag! It is tough to see the camera hanging off the counterweight end, an 80-200mm zoom.

It was so cold that Andreas had this flashlight frozen in his mouth for the entire evening. He refused to go into the warmth to have it removed until after the eclipse was over.

Andreas and Marc with the club Starfire. Elizabeth missed being in this shot because she was sensible enough to go inside and catch some warmth by the fire.

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