RASC Centres Meeting Listing

This page lists all of the centre's meeting places and times. The link under Centre takes you to the home page of that particular centre. The link under Meeting Date takes you directly to that centre's events page. Since these links are probably already out of date, please refer to rasc.ca and send me email with the correct information.



Meeting Date and Time



St. John's, NF

2nd Wednesday, 20:00

2045 Chemistry-Physics Building, MUN

Not in July, August or December

Halifax, NS

3rd Friday, 20:00

Loyola Acedemic Building, Room L176, St. Mary's University

Party afterward, not in July or August

Charlottetown, PEI

3rd Sunday, 19:00

KC Irving Chemistry Building, UPEI

Not in July or August

Moncton, NB

3rd Saturday, Meetings alternate between Fredricton, Saint John and Moncton



Quebec, QC

Premier Mercredi

Domaine Maizerets

de Septembre a Juin inclusivement

Montreal, QC

Dernier lundi, Juin, dernier mardi, Juillet, Aout



Montreal, QC

1st Thursday 20:00

Penfield 204, John Abbott College, Ste. Anne-de-Bellevue

September to May

Ottawa, ON

1st Friday, 20:00

Museum of Science and Technology

Gastronomy meeting after

Kingston, ON

2nd Friday, 19:30

Theatre A, Stirling Hall, Queens University

Party afterward

Belleville, ON

1st Friday, 19:30

Loyalist College, Pioneer Building - Room P1


Niagara, ON

3rd Thursday, 19:30

LaMarsh Room, Niagara Falls Public Library

Not in July or August, Party afterwards.

Toronto, ON

1st and 3rd Wednesday, 19:30

Ontario Science Centre Auditorium


Mississauga, ON

2nd and 4th Friday, 19:30

U of T at Mississauga, Room SE2082, South Building


Hamilton, ON

1st Thursday, 20:00

Hamilton Steam Museum

Party afterward, July, August meetings at the Observatory

Kitchener-Waterloo, ON

2nd Friday, 19:30

Physics-Computing, Wilfred Laurier University

Party afterward 

London, ON 

3rd Friday, 19:00 

Room B1073, Fanshawe College, 1460 Oxford St.E.

Party afterward, not in August

Sarnia, ON 

1st Friday 19:00

Zehres Community Centre

Richard Weatherston

Windsor, ON

3rd Tuesday 20:00

Maidstone K of C Hall, 10720 County Rd 34

Not in July, August or December

Thunder Bay, ON

2nd Tuesday, 19:30

Room 379, Shuniah Building, Confederation College

Not in July or August

Winnipeg, MB

2nd Friday, 19:30

Room 118, St. John's College


Regina, SK

4th Friday, 19:00

Saskatchewan Science Centre

Not in June, July, August or December.

Saskatoon, SK

3rd Monday, 19:30

Room 175 Physics, U. of Sask.

Not in July or August

Edmonton, AB

2nd Monday, 19:30

Edmonton Space and Science Centre

Party afterward, not in July or August

Calgary, AB

3rd Thursday, 19:30

Calgary Science Centre

Party afterward, not in July, August or December

Okanagan, BC

2nd Tuesday, 19:30

The University of B.C. North Campus, Lab Building, Room C368

Not in July or August

Prince George, BC

Last Wednesday, 19:30

Observatory at 7365 Tedford Road

Not in June, July or August

Vancouver, BC

2nd Tuesday, 19:30

Pacific Space Centre


Victoria, BC

2nd Wednesday, 19:30

061 Elliot Building, University of Victoria

Not in July, August or November

This information last updated on 2008-09-15.

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