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Our Scouters take great pride in their accomplishments with the youth over the last five decades. Our youth have been provided a unique experience and an opportunity to develop into the leaders of our community today and in the future. In a personal letter from Prime Minister Jean Chretien, sent to the Group for the 50th Anniversary, he wrote: "The Scout movement has had a long and distinguished history. Over the past fifty years, the First Vineland Scouting Group has made a significant and long lasting contribution to the community. Countless young people have had the privilege of taking part in its activities, learning many skills which have proven invaluable to them later in life." 1st Vineland Scouting undoubtedly has reason to be proud of their accomplishments.

1st Vineland received a charter from Scouts Canada in 1947. In the early years they met in the basement of the Vineland Public School. In the summer they built a shelter on the escarpment just east of Victoria Ave. on John Sandham’s property. The Scoutmasters during the 1950s including Tom Cumpstone, Jim Colclough and others, were committed to providing an active outdoors scouting program. The emphasis on an outdoors program is a tradition that continues today with Vineland Scouting. The beavers, cubs and scouts continue to participate in numerous outdoor activities and camps year round. In 1967, a number of dedicated scouters including Gus Kofink, John Remple and many others, ensured that Vineland Scouting would always have a unique place to run an outdoor program by constructing a "hut" on the corner of Cherry and Moyer Road. Many volunteers and donations from the community made it possible. Vineland Quarries leased this spectacular site to Vineland Scouting and has continued to support Scouting to this day. Vineland Quarries (Walker Industries) became our official sponsor recently and has been an active partner in supporting the development of the youth of our community. The program has undergone significant change over the years to adjust to the needs of a changing society but our mission and our purpose has remained the same; to help our youth achieve their true potential.

The success of the program has been due to the efforts of numerous volunteers, but also businesses, service club and organizations within the community that have supported Scouting. During the campfire awards of appreciation were made to:

Vineland Quarries
Walker Industries
Vineland Growers COOP
Jordan Lions Club
Vineland Hardware
The Town of Lincoln

Scouting continues to flourish in Vineland because of the wide support from the community and the work of many dedicated individuals who provide a unique opportunity for the youth of our community. 1st Vineland Scouts thank you for your support and invite you to learn more about our programs by calling us @562-5905 or e-mail.

Celebrating Our 50th Anniversary

1st Vineland Scouting celebrated the completion of their 50th year of serving the community at Charles Daley Park on June 6th 1998. Many former leaders and scouts joined the current youth to celebrate this event and share scouting memories. It was a real treat to hear stories of scouting in the early years including scouts who attended the World Jamborees in Niagara-on-the-Lake in 1955 (Jim Colclough), the Philippines in 1959 (John Smith), Norway in 1975 (Tim Culp) and Holland in 1995 (Charlie Martin). After a great BBQ everyone joined in a traditional campfire lead by Scouter Mark (Servos). After a magical lighting of the fire everyone joined in with songs, cheers and skits. Many thanks to Rev. Jerry Elliott and Fred Deprose who brought along their guitars and helped lead us around the fire. After the formal fire ended many stayed to enjoy the warmth of the fire and shared stories and songs until late in the evening. The current scouts pitched tents, spent the night in the park and enjoyed a fishing tournament in the morning. One of the leaders made the mistake of jokingly saying that the tournament could not start before 5:30 a.m. (everyone immediately set their watches).

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If you can add to our history or were once associated with the program in Vineland please contact us Here