Master_X11ís Outlaws Page


 zombie_threat_analisys.htm for information on ZOMBIES



 Here are a couple of outlaws levels that I have made so far for other levels made by other people either go to or I recommend paleface. If you want to know what outlaws is, or buy it then go to theoutlawdad. If you are going to be making maps yourselfe check out for all your mapmaking needs.



Single player Basically a lab with dr. Death as the boss, a really short level. A large map with a lot of sections completely different from each other.


Multi Player A low gravity moon map Platforms suspended in midair. Make sure you donít fall to your death. WW1 trenches CTF style. A straightforward map with tubes that whisk you from one section of the level to another. A building in the center of an open area with bridges connecting it to the walls. Trenches from above but updated and better A tall skyscraper with a couple of floors, elevators and staircases A chaotic level in which the layout changes itself, hehe.