A Brief History of Time
(or at least a bit of it)

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Farewell Dubya - the great man's writings for posterity

Misshun Accomplished! Transcription (PDF) of the great man's journal for re-election year 2004, in his own idiom and within his personal framework of grammar, syntax, punctuation and spelling

Other highlights of Dubya's writings, including the weekly extracts from "Misshun Accomplished!" as originally revealed in DeadBrain.

Boy George and pals

All the news that was fit to print about Dubya, Dick and the rest of the wacky White House gang can be seen here

Gordon and chums

Follow the exploits of the other GB and his chums, and even the former Tony Blair here

Life With the Battenberg-Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Windsors

Follow the antics of Liz, Phil, Aunty Barbara and the kids here


What are failed dictator Saddam HusseinTM (deceased) and Osama and the rest of the evil-doers up to? Find out here


A bit of all of the above and more - maybe even the former interim Iain Duncan Smith and his successors here

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